MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Ben shares details about Ellie and Jono's 'cheating scandal'

Here's why Ben wasn't surprised Ellie had moved on with Jono after the show.

Married At First Sight’s Ben Walters has opened up about Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough’s ‘cheating scandal’ and revealed when he first learned about their romance.

It was revealed last month that Ben’s TV ‘wife’ Ellie is now dating their co-star Jono, who is currently ‘married’ to Lauren Dunn. The pair reportedly kept their relationship under wraps until announcing the news to the cast at the reunion, which was filmed in November.

MAFS’ Ben Walters.
MAFS’ Ben Walters has detailed when he found out Ellie Dix was dating Jono McCullough. Photo: Yahoo

During a tell-all interview with Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast following his exit in Sunday night’s episode, Ben says he didn’t know Ellie and Jono were together until they showed up at the reunion hand-in-hand.

However, he admits he was aware there was a “vibe” and “some electricity” between them during filming - especially because Jono was always “eyeballing her”.

“I’m not sure if Ellie was aware of it, perhaps she was, perhaps she wasn’t, but I just knew that Jono completely had eyes for Ellie. I had no doubt whatsoever,” he shares.

“I had no way of knowing, but I called it in my voxxies [piece-to-camera interviews]. I predicted it about a month [earlier]. I said it wouldn't surprise me because there was something there. I didn't think they would have the courage to do it, so bravo for doing it.”


Ben went on to say that while he was “a bit hurt” his ex had moved on with someone else from the cast, he was ultimately happy for them.

“I knew that I wasn't a great match for Ellie,” he reflects. “When you actually look at them on paper it actually makes good sense, so I do wish them well, seriously.

“You’re on there for genuine reasons, you want love, and if you found it, that's fantastic. But it did start, especially from Jono’s side, prior. I have no doubt in my mind and I picked it before it even happened.”

MAFS' Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough.
Ben says he knew ‘Jono completely had eyes for Ellie’ during filming. Photos: Channel Nine

Ben spills on his current relationship with Ellie

While Ellie’s recent comment on Ben’s Facebook post proves things between the exes aren’t too friendly at the moment, this wasn’t always the case.

Ben says they were both “broken” when they left the experiment last year and they reconnected several times before the show premiered in January.

“We did have a few FaceTime chats,” he recalls. “I was thinking they might go for 10-20 minutes and they went for over an hour.

“So it was going really well when we both left but as time’s gone on, she’s with Jono. And I've moved on too, so that’s life, you move forward.”

Listen to Ben's full interview with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit here.

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