MAFS’ Andrew confuses viewers with X-rated joke: ‘I had to Google’

Not only did he surprise viewers during Tuesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight when he confessed that he's had 350 sexual partners, but Andrew Davis also left fans extremely confused after he made an X-rated joke.

The Texan groom was telling his ‘wife’ Holly Greenstein about his love for sex during Confessions Week when he revealed the one act he would never do in the bedroom.

MAFS' Andrew Davis smiling.
MAFS groom Andrew Davis confused viewers with his X-rated joke. Photo: Channel Nine

“I love exploring sex and I love celebrating sex. I am a very sexual person and I have had roughly 350 sexual partners in the past,” he declared, explaining that he has enjoyed safe sex with a different person every week for the past seven years.

“To be completely honest, in a roundabout way you would benefit from my experience in the bedroom,” Andrew continued, before adding, “There are some things off-limits. Like, no pegging. I’m not going down that road with you”.


Holly was visibly confused by his comment, admitting that she didn’t know what he was talking about and she’d “have to Google it”.

“I was just trying to make a joke,” Andrew laughed.

In case you also didn’t know what the term meant - and might not want to include it in your search history - pegging is when a woman has sex with a man using a strap-on dildo.

MAFS' Holly Greenstein looking shocked.
Holly Greenstein told Andrew she’d ‘have to Google’ what pegging was. Photo: Channel Nine

Similar to Holly, a number of viewers took to social media following Andrew’s remark to confess that they also had to look up the term because they hadn’t heard it before.

“Hope I’m not the only one who had to Google what pegging is,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “I’m old so I had to Google pegging. Husband said no”.

“Google number one search in Australia tonight - ‘What is pegging’,” a third joked, while a number of people shared that their parents had awkwardly asked them for a definition.

"I’m so sorry to everyone out there that has just Googled ‘pegging’ and is now shamefully clearing their browser history,” someone else tweeted.

“I want to see Holly’s reaction when the camera person fills her in,” a different user said.

Meanwhile, some fans still couldn’t fully grasp the concept after looking it up online, with one person writing, “Ok, what’s pegging? I asked the BF and he laughed. I Googled pegging but I'm still confused”.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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