MAFS expert John Aiken shares signs your partner is cheating

There are a number of horror stories out there of how people have found out their partner was cheating on them - it could be their FitBit, or maybe they've slipped up and shared a photo with a tiny detail that gives them away.

If you're worried about your partner, Married At First Sight's John Aiken has shared his top signs to look out for if you have a suspicion they might be cheating on you.

Married At First Sight's John Aiken
Married At First Sight's John Aiken has shared the three sings your partner might be cheating on you. Photo: Nine

"Firstly, a change in behaviour - are they now going to work and spending later nights there? Have they started to go the gym?" John explained to 9Honey. "What about the way in which they're getting about with different circles of friends? Look out for their behaviour.

"Secondly - have they become secretive? That is, they're hiding their phone of they've changed the passwords. You don't know where they're going, their whereabouts now, they're kind of vague on it.


"And thirdly, consistency. This is something that's got to be going on for several months, rather than just a couple of weeks. If you've got these issues and you're sitting there and you're seeing these three areas really as red flags, then you've got a problem. Your partner is probably having an affair."

It seems like every season of MAFS now features a cheating scandal and this year is no different, with Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman growing close behind their partners' backs.

Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman kiss on MAFS
Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman grew closer behind their partners' backs during this season of MAFS. Photo: Nine

Psychotherapist, Julie Sweet, also says change is a huge indicator of someone cheating, telling Yahoo Lifestyle, "Sudden change, or progressive change. Change in behaviour, appearance, availability, intimacy, defensiveness, hostility, deflection and other varied emotional responses that feel unlike anything experienced within the partnership."

This could include your partner becoming distant when usually they're communicative, pulling away when usually they’re affectionate or withdrawing and shutting down, which doesn’t resemble their general demeanour.

“Any changes that feel unfamiliar or that cause an individual to feel triggered are worth identifying and exploring,” Julie said.

“It’s imperative that people trust themselves. That ‘gut feeling’ is not to be ignored or dismissed. If there’s an internal charge, or anxiety is being experienced, or a sudden surge of adrenal is being encountered, it’s important to get curious.”

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