Girlfriend's jaw-dropping act of revenge against cheating boyfriend

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A furious girlfriend has enacted the ultimate revenge after discovering her boyfriend's cheating ways.

After stumbling across dozens of text messages from other women, the girlfriend knew that her partner was not being faithful, but was unsure how to confront him about it.

Image of cheating text messages printed on A4 paper TikTok video
Sheets and sheets of cheating messages were used for a jaw-dropping act of revenge. Photo: TikTok

In a TikTok video she uploaded detailing the crazy sequence of events, she revealed that her boyfriend tried calling her 'crazy' over the suspicions, so she opted for an extreme method of proving her point.

"My boyfriend consistently tells me that I'm crazy and paranoid for thinking he's cheating," the girlfriend reveals in a voice-over.

"So, I decided to print out all the evidence I found this way he can't gaslight his way out of it."


While she is speaking the video shows her printing off hundreds of text messages on A4 paper.

"I of course blurred out all the girls face phone numbers and naughty parts," she says.

"Then I went to Home Depot and purchased some hand dandy super glue spray paint."

Image of superglue spray at home depot from cheating revenge TikTok video
After picking up a can of superglue spray, the plan was afoot. Photo: TikTok

In the video, she picks up the super glue spray and proceeds to stick the messages all over the bedroom wall, and if recent reports around Gorilla Glue are anything to go by, that's a seriously permanent act of revenge.

"Being the good girlfriend I am I decided to redecorate my boyfriend's room," she says sweetly in contrast to the destruction taking place onscreen.

Girlfriend puts cheating text messages on boyfriends wall in viral tiktok
The woman papered her boyfriend's wall with the text messages. Photo: TikTok

On the social media post, comments from viewers praised the girlfriend's decisive, if destructive, actions.

"Anyone upset she didn't get the gorilla glue spray," one person joked, referencing Tessica Brown, the US woman who inadvertently locked her hairstyle in place for months after using Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray.

"Girl using colour ink he ain't worth that," another argued.

"Its always the ones calling you crazy that be the biggest liars," another wryly observed.

It's not the first time a cheating ex has been called out in a scathing online post.

A husband went viral on Reddit last week after he was caught out cheating by his eagle-eyed wife who spotted a giveaway detail in a photo he sent her while on a trip.

The wife took to social media to reveal why the seemingly-innocent snap lead her and her husband to split.

She shared the two snaps he had sent in a video, inviting her followers to guess what it was that triggered her suspicions.

Image of cheating husband picture revealing cheating tiktok video
Can you see where the husband made his big mistake? Photo: TikTok

“My husband sent me pics trying to look all cute in his suite at the casino but I noticed some odd things now he is single can you guess what it is?” she wrote.

A number of wild theories emerged but sharp onlookers quickly picked up on the major giveaway that his 'solo' trip was far from that.

“Hair straightener looks pretty sus,” one wry individual pointed out.

“You guys are missing the fact he ain’t got no RING on,” another wrote.

“Women’s body wash, contact solution (if he doesn’t have contacts ofc), green cap Cetaphil face wash (I think), straightener, comb,” a real Sherlock Holmes-type ventured.

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