Sex guru, 73, teaches couples how to improve love life

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A pensioner turned sex guru has opened up about helping couples improve their sex lives during the lockdown, revealing her biggest tips.

Stella Ralfini is a lovemaking expert and aims to help re-ignite the spark for couples and give singles confidence.

Stella Ralfini lovemaking expert
Stella Ralfini is a lovemaking expert, Photo: Caters News

“Lovemaking isn’t just sex," the 73-year-old explains. 

“It is the little things that partners forget to do such as run a hot bath with candles or give one another a massage."

Specifically, she says, it is about eye contact, massages and other techniques to become better lovers.

“I have worked with couples whose relationships are falling apart and their sex lives are not satisfactory," Stella says.

“My age doesn’t affect my work - young couples see me as a wise and experienced educator.”

Stella is live teacher who teaches neo-tantra, which is a modernised version of the traditional tantra school of thought, adapted to suit Western couples. She describes it as ‘down to earth, flirty and playful’.

The lovemaking educator has also set up a ‘Love Camp’ which involves live demonstrates on how to get closer to your partner.

“I train men to be a better lover by understanding how the female mind works," she said. 

“Women complain they don’t enjoy sex as it may be rushed or the man is only in it to pleasure himself. And men complain they don’t get enough."

And despite what you might think about her lessons, the clothes don't have to come off.

“I am able to teach them without seeing their private parts and whilst I am fully clothed," she explains.

sex therapy
Stella teaches couples about eye contact, massages and other techniques. Photo: Caters News

The exercises include exploring and practising lovemaking techniques, and Stella says she hopes to instil confidence in couples to speak about them to each other.

“Some couples could be together for years yet have no idea their partner has freaky fantasies," she said.

“I give them the confidence to speak about them and give them instructions in erotic neo tantra massages.

“The feedback I receive is outstanding - women tend to say they feel orgasmic and tell me about the wonderful sessions with their husband.

“It makes me feel amazing knowing I can improve people’s sex lives.”

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