MAFS’ Cam on cheating rumours: Coco is my ‘perfect match’

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The stage was set for the very first cheating scandal of the season on Married At First Sight on Wednesday night between crane operator Cameron Dunne and pilates studio owner Coco Stedman.

And the very next morning, Cam — who is 'married' to single mum Samantha Jayne — threw more fuel onto the affair fire when he caught up with Hit Breakfast QLD hosts Cliffo and Gabi.

A composite image of Married At First Sight contestants Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman
Cam admits that Coco is his ‘perfect match’ - not his own bride, Samantha. Photo: Channel Nine.

'Purposely mismatched'

Cam gave a very telling response to Gabi's 'theory' that MAFS producers deliberately mismatched him with Samantha to draw him to his 'perfect match' Coco.

"I have a theory that you were mismatched [with Samantha] on purpose and had Coco dangled in front of you like a carrot to create this scenario, what do you say to that?" Gabi asked.

"That was exactly my theory when I walked in and met Coco," Cam replied. "On paper she is the perfect match for me so we'll just have to see how it plays out," he added cryptically.


Sparks were certainly flying between the pair when Coco sought out Cam privately to discuss her marriage problems with her husband, Sam Carraro, who Cam knows in the 'outside world'.

Cliffo and Gabi grilled Cam on his opinion of aspiring fashion designer Sam, but Cam would only hint that Sam's 'true colours' would soon come out.

"Peoples' behaviour comes through in the end and when it happens more than once I'll call it out," he said.

Lastly, Cam gave some insight into how intimacy between couples on the show plays out, revealing that filming happens during the day and that they're "left to their own accord at night".

Married At First Sight star Sam Carraro during an interview on Nova.
MAFS groom Sam has revealed that he was blindsided by wife Coco and Cam’s 'secret meetings'. Photo: Nova.

Sam 'didn't know' about Cam and Coco

Cam's confession comes just a day after Sam admitted he was none the wiser to Cam and wife Coco's 'secret meetings'.

He made the startling revelation on Wednesday morning during a chat with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa who pressed Sam for comment on how Cam and Coco were becoming 'quite close'.

"I can’t talk too much about it," Sam responded, adding, "but yeah, I didn’t know that it was going on, I didn’t know anything about it."

Married At First Sight star Coco Stedman
Coco was comforted by Cam after her husband Sam ranked her fourth in an attractiveness challenge. Photo: Channel Nine.

Sam and Coco's relationship is on rocky ground after Sam openly admitted that he was not physically attracted to his bride and later ranked her fourth in a controversial attractiveness ranking challenge. At that point, an upset Coco turned to Cam for comfort.

Earlier, Cameron's own bride, Samantha Jayne, hinted that the cheating rumours surrounding her 'husband' might just be true.

Speculation that Cam had strayed first kicked off when Channel Nine shared a teaser clip that showed a steamy encounter between an unidentified bride and groom — except that the groom's distinctive tribal tattoos matched those sported by none other than crane operator Cam. Oops.

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