MAFS' John Aiken praised for calling out the men after Jack's shock comment

Fans of Married at First Sight have applauded the experts for holding the men on the show accountable during the latest Commitment Ceremony.

MAFS fans are praising John Aiken after he called out pretty much every single man in the current season after they stayed silent when Jack Dunkley went on his misogynistic tirade at the last dinner party.

In case you need a refresher, in a heated debate between Lauren Dunn and Jack during last Wednesday's dinner party, Jack turned to Lauren's husband Jono McCullough and told him to 'put a muzzle' on his wife.

While most people at the dinner party expressed shock at Jack's comments, not many of the men said anything to his face after he unleashed on Lauren.

This wasn't lost among the experts, with John Aiken taking the men to task during last night's commitment ceremony and calling them out for being silent.

MAFS' Jack Dunkley and John Aiken.
John Aiken calls out Jack Dunkley on MAFS. Photo: Nine

"I heard something last night that was appalling," John said, as Jono tried to say his memory was hazy. "I think you can remember," John said, before demanding Jono to tell him the inference of what the "muzzle" comment meant.

'John is coming for blood'

"The men here tonight... why did you stay silent after that comment?" John then asked. While most of the men seemingly hung their heads in shame, Ben spoke up saying he did hear it but he hadn't heard the whole conversation.


"Ben, do you need context for a comment like that?" Alessandra Rampolla asked him. "Do you really need context?" she asked him again as he started talking about how loud the conversation was and the "decibels" surrounding it.

Fans of the show were stoked to see John and Alessandra call the men out on their bulls***.

"John is coming FOR BLOOD," one person tweeted. "Finally - John is being the expert we have been waiting for after the last few years of him being on this show," another said.


"All of the men should have called Jack out. The behaviour you walk by is the behaviour you condone," one person commented.

Fans also expressed their disappointment in Lauren's husband Jono for not standing up for his wife in front of Jack.

"I'm so disappointed in Jono. He didn't support his woman," one person said. "Jono, please go on to Amazon and purchase a backbone, stat," another person commented.

"His loyalty to Jack is bizarre and disturbing. Surely any decent human would see Jack's behaviour and wash their hands?" another person said.

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