MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Popular couple rumoured to have a 'secret pact' on the show

There are plenty of rumours surrounding one of the most beloved pairs this season.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about MAFS!

They’re currently one of the most beloved couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but it appears not everything may be as it seems when it comes to Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper’s relationship.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair made a “secret pact” during filming to stay in the experiment and their current relationship is built on a “condition”.

MAFS’ Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud.
MAFS’ Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud reportedly made a ‘secret pact’ to stay together in the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

“Jayden and Eden are only keeping their relationship public to build publicity around his kickboxing matches,” the source claims. “They’ve already broken up four times since the show finished filming and while Eden still has feelings for Jayden, he isn't into her.”

Meanwhile, another source close to the couple tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jayden and Eden are “very much together in real life”.

“Yes, they’ve broken up since ending the experiment but they are currently together and better than ever,” the insider shares.

An anonymous MAFS participant also confirms that Jayden and Eden were one of the only couples in the experiment who were “genuinely in love”, and rumours of a 'secret pact' are “completely inaccurate”


It was revealed earlier this month that Jayden and Eden will make it to the end of the experiment together after Jayden’s brother Mitch posted a photo on Instagram in October with Eden’s dog, Cub.

Jayden also seemingly let slip to Yahoo Lifestyle that he and Eden are still together while detailing how they’ve lived in the same area for years but never ran into each other before MAFS.

“Everything we do is the same, so I don't know how we hadn't met,” he said, adding, “Literally, I can drive to her house in three minutes”.

MAFS’ Jayden Eynaud during his boxing match in Dubai.
Jayden recently competed in his first major kickboxing tournament since he finished filming MAFS. Photos: Supplied

Jayden’s boxing match in Dubai

Jayden flew home from Dubai earlier this week after being defeated in his first major kickboxing tournament since he finished filming MAFS.

The 26-year-old took on Samir Boukhidous from Morocco in the Alpha Fight Series ‘Australia Vs The World’ event. The match, which aired in Australia at 3am on Saturday, attracted plenty of international attention with movie star Steven Seagal sitting in the front row.

“Jayden had been in training for months so this has been a massive blow to his ego,” a source close to the TV groom tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Obviously there is a bit of disappointment but there is always next year.”

The insider adds that the athlete has felt “quite a bit of pressure” since appearing on MAFS and the impact of the show “definitely played into the result of the match”.

It’s unknown whether or not Eden flew to Dubai to support her partner, although it’s likely she stayed in Australia to prevent any other spoilers from leaking.

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