MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Massive plans revealed for exciting new season: 'We want new stories'

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that one big idea has already been scrapped for 2025.

While viewers are enjoying the current season of Married At First Sight Australia, producers have been already working hard on ideas for the next season of the social experiment.

While it's no secret that execs are always looking to bring in fresh ideas to keep audiences engaged, an insider has exclusively revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that one massive idea has already been brought up... and promptly scrapped.

Season 11 of MAFS Australia has been full of drama - from a couple swap to wild sex confessions. Credit: Channel Nine
MAFS 2025 is going to be all about new stories and fresh faces. Credit: Channel Nine

"MAFS was looking at bringing people back," the insider said.

"After 11 seasons it wouldn't be that hard to pull off the idea of a second chance for a select few, but it wasn’t strong enough to make a full series of returning brides and grooms."


One of the reasons for not moving forward with the idea was that it might divide viewers, with some being turned off at seeing a cast of all former brides and grooms looking for love once more. This is bad news for season 11 cast members who weren't in the experiment for long.

"Natalie was someone we started thinking deserved a second chance. Ash also didn’t really get a fair shot with Madeline," our insider tells us. "There are some loose ends that could be tied off.

"Producers really enjoyed working with Natalie and Ash. They both wrapped filming last year at separate times and there were immediate whispers of returning them in the days that followed their time being over in the experiment."

Ash won't be making an appearance on season 12 of MAFS. Credit: Channel Nine
Ash won't be making an appearance on season 12 of MAFS. Credit: Channel Nine

The insider continued, "We then started looking back at other brides and grooms from previous years who didn't get their fairytale ending. We realised we could easily fill the next season with rematched former participants.

"I can see the experts having fun matching them up all over again. Now that they know so much about their relationship history."

Of course, the idea of bringing people back has worked on shows such as MasterChef Australia, Australian Survivor and Love Island Australia for instance, but it also fell flat with Big Brother Australia and even The Block 2024 reportedly moved away from this idea.

"Contestants often come back and they are too schooled with the format and it feels less exciting for the viewer," the insider says. "We know viewers like to explore new storylines rather than reinvesting a personality they have already met."

The casting process for season 12 of MAFS has already started with our insider telling us, "We want new stories. We like personalities that are a little left of centre. Lucinda is a great example of casting someone unique and compelling.

"Personalities audiences haven't really met before. Anyone with an unusual dating history is what ticks a big box."

Sadly, it looks like Natalie Parnham won't be getting another chance at finding love on next year's MAFS. Credit: Channel Nine
Sadly, it looks like Natalie Parnham won't be getting another chance at finding love on next year's MAFS. Credit: Channel Nine

This means that those who might have been asked to return will have to sort out their own happily ever after. Although one former participant doesn't seem to be doing too badly since leaving season 11.

Rumour has it Natalie may already be in a relationship with a mystery person, with the 32-year-old physio reported to have been telling close friends she might already have found her partner.


"You can’t expect participants to still be single a whole year later," the insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "In the past, we have seen some people bomb out of the show and recouple with an ex or the show has given them perspective on a potential relationship with someone they already know."

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