MAFS' Ash speaks out after surprise exit from show: 'Traumatic'

Ash said if he was asked to marry a stranger again, the answer would be a resounding no.

Married At First Sight's Ash Galati has spoken out for the first time about his abrupt exit from the show, calling it a "wild" and "traumatic" experience.

The groom, who was partnered with eccentric psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell, said it was on the honeymoon with Madeleine that he realised things weren't "quite right".

The couple exited the experiment during Monday night's episode, with Madeleine not shown at all and Ash shown packing his bags. Initially Madeleine had opted to leave at the commitment ceremony, with Ash willing to give things one more week.

On Monday night's episode, he said he had changed his mind after reflecting on their relationship."It wasn't the right choice, I needed to get out of this," he said in his voxxie, before leaving the show.

MAFS' Madeleine and Ash on their honeymoon
MAFS' Madeleine and Ash had a brief but memorable stint. Photo: Nine

MAFS' Ash reveals when he knew something wasn't right

In an interview with 9Now, Ash said there were a few "strange" moments with Madeleine where he realised things weren't quite right.

"It was crazy. From getting married to our honeymoon, it was just insane," he said. "Madeleine dancing on tables, crying over cows and then eating meat... just an absolute s**tshow. Wild, traumatic, crazy.

"In terms of how she'd speak to me and how she'd speak to others... she told me she loved me, I was like, that's strange."


Ash spoke about feeling anxious after the wedding and realising some things didn't quite "add up".

"After the wedding there were some things that didn't add up, and probably the next day I definitely had reservations. Probably the day of the honeymoon I was like, yeah something doesn't feel right, but I was willing to work through it and try and get to the bottom of who she is and what she likes, but I just never got there.

Ash Galati MAFS
Ash has said he first realised things weren't quite right with Madeleine on their honeymoon. Photo: Nine

"I came into the experiment like, even if I don't have that initial connection, I'm definitely going to to try and get to know this person and work at it as previously in relationships I'd always check out," he said.

"I'm not proud of that, so I was like, you know what, this is my one chance to actually be all in, and I was all in, and that's what happened," he laughed.

"If you asked me if I'd marry a stranger again... absolutely not," he declared.

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