MAFS' Daniel undergoes secret surgery in Turkey: 'Wow'

MAFS star Daniel Holmes has shocked fans after revealing he flew to Turkey for a secret surgery. The personal trainer revealed that his past steroid addiction has had some negative effects on his appearance.

He used steroids for around eight years while he was a bodybuilder, and only stopped using the drug when he joined the cast of MAFS. The star noticed significant hair loss over the past few years and claims that it was due to his addiction.

MAFS star Daniel Holmes on the Channel Nine show
MAFS star Daniel Holmes has made a surprising admission. Photo: Nine

In a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the star said: “I started noticing I was losing hair a few years ago, although my family has good hair genetics it was due to steroid abuse.

“It’s one of the major side effects of using steroids. It has become better since coming off steroids (before MAFS), but the damage had already been done.”


The fitness fanatic worked with Now Hair Time: Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey, to see what could be done to fix his premature hair loss. The star ended up flying over there to receive a hair transplant.

“They essentially pluck hair from the back of your head and put it in the areas where it’s been lost — for me, the front areas. It’s something so many guys deal with and it’s a procedure becoming way more common for guys to get done,” he told us.

Two photos of Daniel Holmes after he had his hair implants done
The star had hair implants along the front of his head. Photo: Instagram/_danielholmes_ & Supplied

After posting a shot of his shaved head with the implants on his forehead, he had a surprising reaction from many fans.

“Wow, [you] look great without hair!” one fan wrote.

“Keep the hair shaved and short. Suits you,” another added.

“I know this is a silly comment if you’ve just had a hair transplant, but no hair really suits you” a third remarked.

“You suit [a] shaved head, makes you look better,” another commented.


Others praised Daniel for his decision to undergo the surgery.

“You were handsome before. You will be more handsome now,” a fan gushed.

“You look spectacular. Good stuff to do what brings you greater confidence,” added another.

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