MAFS' Olivia slammed by viewers for 'classless, nasty and cruel' act

MAFS fans have once again slammed Olivia Frazer over her behaviour at Sunday night's cocktail party, with fans describing her as "classless, nasty and cruel".

Tensions reached a boiling point with Olivia calling Domenica Calarco "an awful person", saying she could prove it by sharing one of her secrets.

MAFS' Olivia
MAFS' Olivia has once again been slammed by viewers for what they described as a 'classless, nasty and cruel' act. Photo: Nine

Olivia decided to tell Jack something that Dom had said about him much earlier in the experiment.

"She is a terrible person. She is the root of a lot of evil in this experiment... And I am not going to let her get away with it," Olivia told the cameras.

"Alright, let's go there then!" Olivia told Domenica, starting yet another fight between them, despite her husband Jackson telling her to stop.


"In week two, when you were in my apartment, in front of all us girls, you said Jack can't f***k you right because he c**s too quickly," Olivia added.

The experts watched on in horror, saying how bad they felt for Jack with John Aiken adding, "Oh yeah, Jack's in a world of pain right now."

"I do not appreciate that that was brought up in a public setting after all this time," Jack told the cameras, saying he was the punchline.

MAFS dinner party
Jackson watched on in horror as Olivia shared a 'secret' about Dom to Jack. Photo: Nine
Jack's face when something private was shared with the group, yet again. Photo: Nine

Jack then told Olivia that he and Dom had spoken about it all on the couch with sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, something the experts agreed with, suggesting it's not new and that Dom has always been open with him.

Jackson is heard the entire time trying to stop Olivia from continuing on her rampage.

Ella then jumped in, questioning why this was being brought up now when it was so long ago and they've communicated and aren't in that same place anymore.

"She's gone from hurting just my feelings, now she's hurting Jack and that's where it stops with me," Dom told the cameras.

Viewers slammed Olivia for her actions with one user writing, "Olivia, purposely humiliating Jack to hurt Dom. Classless, nasty and cruel. That was not about protecting Jack. Let me guess, she won’t be apologising for this either?!"

MAFS Domenica
Domenica was stunned that Olivia would go for Jack. Photo: Nine

Others described Olivia and Tamara as "toxic" and suggested they're no better than "high schoolers", with another writing, "Olivia is possibly one of the worst wives in history of MAFS. If I have to see this smirky look one more time…. Also, Jackson grow a backbone and quick."

"Imagine what kind of a person you must be to find Olivia and Tamara suitable as partners," someone else wrote. "Deficient in emotional maturity, basic intelligence, mean spirited, and relentlessly aggressive. Horrible qualities in a partner if you ask me."

"I really hope that Olivia gets some therapy and help after watching herself back on this show," another said.

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