MAFS' Ella Ding 'shocked' by ex's brother joining MAFS 2024: 'They're very different'

EXCLUSIVE: Ella opens up on where she stands with Mitch Eynaud one year on from their split.

MAFS' Ella Ding has expressed her shock over Mitch Eynaud's brother Jayden joining the 2024 cast.

The reality star, who is currently narrating season 2 of Love Triangle, told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was 'very surprised' by Jayden Eynaud's addition to season 11 of MAFS, which is likely to air early next year.

"I did meet him [Jayden]," Ella said. "I was very surprised."

Ella said she only met Mitch's brother a few times before they split.

"Obviously we all know that Mitch was the biggest hater of the show, [he] wanted to leave, he despised production and producers and cast members, and me at some point," Ella said.

Jayden Eynaud MAFS 2024
Mitch's brother Jayden Eynaud is set to appear on MAFS 2024. Photo: Matrix/Supplied


"So it's pretty surprising. I met him [Jayden] a couple of times and it was only brief. He was nice, but what I do know is they're very different," she shared.

Ella on where she stands with Mitch: 'Memory of the past'

Ella Ding has opened up about where she stands with Mitch Eynaud. Photo: Supplied/Nine
Ella Ding has opened up about where she stands with Mitch Eynaud. Photo: Supplied/Nine

Ella told Yahoo Lifestyle that her relationship with Mitch is now a 'memory of the past'.

"I haven't seen or spoken to him in a pretty long time," she said. "It's weird how, like, you just move on... even still to this day, MAFS has changed my life in the most amazing ways."

Opening up about her experience on the show, Ella deemed it as hard, but has ultimately been rewarded for it through her career as a podcaster, influencer, and TV host.

"Obviously the experience was really hard with him [Mitch] and what we went through," she revealed.

"But I don't mind if people refer to me or know me from MAFS because everybody got to know me in a very deep way. They committed to watching me four nights a week for like, three months, which is a huge investment," she continued.

"I don't mind if people want to ask about that, and Mitch as well, it's fine," she said.

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