MAFS viewers spot bizarre dinner party editing fail: 'Ummm?'

After another tumultuous week with her on-screen 'husband', MAFS bride Holly tried to make a grand entrance at this week's dinner party.

But viewers noticed one odd detail when she arrived, taking to social media to point out a bizarre editing fail on the show.

MAFS bride Holly
MAFS bride Holly was feeling fine before she headed to the dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

At the start of the episode, Holly Greenstein was seen getting ready for the dinner party, applying a few layers of bright purple lipstick.

It was something the camera focused on - with plenty of close up shots - for a good 30 seconds, before Holly did a final twirl in front of the mirror, and went to face the music as she entered the get together sans her Texan groom Andrew.


holly applying purple lipstick on married at first sight
She spent a long time applying a purple lipstick. Photo: Channel Nine

But something changed once Holly was in the car on her way to the dinner party, which some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to spot.

"Ummmm? Has Holly’s lipstick changed colour?" one person took to Twitter to ask.

"Holly’s changed her lipstick shade," another viewer pointed out.

Indeed, as Holly made her grand entrance into the dinner party, with her arms raised and a big smile on her face, she was now sporting a pinkish-red shade of lipstick instead of the purple she had so painstakingly applied.

mafs editing fail holly lipstick different colour
But once she headed to the dinner party her lipstick was a different colour. Photo: Channel Nine

Others also mused about the focus that was put on Holly's lipstick application in the first place, with one viewer even calling the whole getting-ready scene "menacing".

"Never has the application of purple lipstick and putting on a pair of sunny espadrilles been so menacing," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Your lipstick is done love, seriously put it down," another mused.

The night didn't end well for Holly and Andrew - as might have been expected after photos proved this week they arrive at the gathering separately - despite Anthony and Selin's attempts to mediate a conversation between the pair.

"Holly and Andrew, I feel like they really need a professional to intervene in their relationship," Selin tells the cameras.

But Holly had clearly had enough, yelling at Andrew: "You made me feel lesser than dirt! Stop trying to pretend like you’re something you’re not."

That's when Andrew decides - again - he's had enough and gets up and leaves.

Married at First Sight continues 7pm on Sunday on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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