MAFS' Eden accused of exposing Sara's cheating scandal 'for air time'

EXCLUSIVE: There are plenty of rumours about why Eden revealed what she knew about Sara and her ex.

The friendship between Married At First Sight brides Eden Harper and Sara Mesa officially came to an end during Wednesday night’s dinner party when Eden exposed that Sara had been meeting up with her ex behind her partner Tim Calwell’s back.

While Eden explained in the episode that she threw Sara under the bus because the secret was damaging her relationship with Jayden Eynaud, a source close to the show has claimed this isn’t entirely true.

MAFS’ Sara Mesa and Eden Harper.
MAFS’ Sara Mesa and Eden Harper had a very tense interaction during Wednesday night’s dinner party. Photos: Channel Nine

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the source alleged that Eden and Jayden “planned the whole thing to get air time”.

“Producers literally told them they should just leave if they didn’t bring something more interesting to the show because they were so boring,” they said. “That’s why Eden decided to bring it up on camera. She knew for weeks and it didn’t bother her at all. It was very calculated.”

The source also claimed that “Jayden was pressuring Eden to bring it up on camera”, which is why she was so anxious.


However, a production insider has told Yahoo Lifestyle this is “completely untrue” and producers would never tell a strong couple to leave - no matter how “boring” they are.

“Eden was definitely not pressured by the producers to expose the information she had about Sara,” they declare.

“Viewers saw the moment she told the producers about what had happened. It's not like the producer was pretending to not know about it and they concocted this plan and she was pretending to cry. That wouldn’t make any sense.

“Eden was scared that if she didn’t do the right thing morally she would lose Jayden, so that’s why she revealed what she knew about Sara and her ex.”

MAFS’ Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud.
Eden revealed what she knew about Sara and her ex because she was 'scared that if she didn’t do the right thing morally she would lose Jayden'. Photo: Channel Nine

Former bride weighs in on Eden and Jayden rumour

During an upcoming episode of Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast, season 10 bride Alyssa Barmonde said the rumour that Eden and Jayden were almost kicked off the show for being too boring is “bulls**t”.

“They're not ever going to kick you off for anything,” she said. “I don't think producers really care if you're boring or if you're not boring. I also don't think Eden and Jayden are here for clout or that their relationship is fake.

“There's so much drama that happens that they couldn't create storylines. Of course, they can stitch things together and ask you certain questions to guide you down a certain way. But literally, if MAFS turned into Big Brother and it was run 24/7, I promise you it would be way more explosive and dynamic and dramatic than they could ever create.”


Former groom Ollie Skelton, whose relationship with Tahnee Cook in season 10 was similar to Eden and Jayden’s as they had minimal drama, also told Behind the Edit that he never felt pressure from producers to act out.

“I didn't give a s**t about making a big song and dance or calling people out,” he said. “I just had a bubble and I didn't want to pop that bubble.

“I didn't want to say, ‘What the hell are you doing with your relationship?’. I didn't want someone to start attacking us because everything was smooth sailing and we were in the process of falling in love.”

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