MAFS: Real reason behind Sara and Tim's retreat fight revealed

Sara was reportedly 'extremely disappointed' with Tim after an off-camera incident.

They’ve gone from strength to strength over the past two weeks in the experiment, but Married At First Sight’s Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell's relationship began to crumple during Monday night’s episode.

The Colombian-born bride was shown being frustrated with her partner’s lack of support on the retreat when fellow groom Michael Felix confronted her around the campfire.

MAFS’ Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell in bed.
MAFS’ Sara Mesa was disappointed by Tim Calwell’s lack of support on day one of the retreat. Photo: Channel Nine

“It’s not that hard to have your partner’s back, it’s not that hard to be like, ‘Hey, don’t speak to my wife like that’,” she told him in bed. “I need you to step up.”

While Tim explained in his piece-to-camera interview that he had been “really trying to step up to Sara’s standards”, it turns out this wasn’t the only incident on the retreat where she felt let down by his lack of support.


A production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Sara was “extremely disappointed” Tim didn’t have her back when she told him that Jack Dunkley had allegedly “kissed her neck” and “tapped her butt” on two separate off-camera occasions.

“Sara told Tim about how it had made her feel uncomfortable and Tim didn’t make a big deal out of it at all,” the source shares.

“This also made Sara question whether she was bothered by Jack’s actions, but by the time the retreat came around she wasn’t sure the incidents were an accident as he had shown his character by then.”

 MAFS’ Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell.
Tim told producers he was ‘really trying to step up to Sara’s standards’. Photos: Channel Nine

What happened between Sara and Jack?

Sara was shown during Monday night’s episode confiding in Lauren Dunn and Timothy Smith about Jack’s alleged actions and whether she should tell his partner Tori Adams.

“I didn’t want to bring this up because when these two situations happened, it could’ve been an accident,” she began.

“Tim and I were going to the spa, we were walking past and he said hello to Tim and as I was walking away he kind of tapped my butt. The second thing was Jack was apologising to Lauren at the dinner party about that whole big fight, and when he apologised to me he kissed me on my neck.”


The trio then came up with the plan to tell Tori about Jack’s behaviour in a private setting away from the rest of the cast - including Jack.

“We are all just trying to open Tori’s eyes,” Lauren said in her piece-to-camera interview. “We need to try to pull Tori aside, tell her what we know and try to shake her and be like, ‘You need to see what we see because we want you to make the decision to leave before he leaves you and breaks your heart’.”

Sara and Lauren ended up chatting with Tori at the end of the episode, however, it ended on a cliffhanger and viewers will have to watch Tuesday night’s episode to see Tori’s reaction.

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