MAFS' Daniel accuses radio hosts of hanging up on Carolina 'for a headline'

Married At First Sight’s Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes have blasted Nova radio hosts Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and accused them of hanging up on their previous phone interview “for a headline”.

The controversial couple, who shocked viewers a few weeks ago when they walked hand in hand into the commitment ceremony and were denied their request to stay on the show, appeared on Fitzy & Wippa on Thursday morning when things got tense very quickly.

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes.
MAFS’ Daniel and Carolina accused Fitzy & Wippa of hanging up on their previous phone interview. Photo: Channel Nine

Just a few minutes into the interview, Fitzy had asked the pair why they had wanted to re-enter the experiment together as a new couple when they could have simply continued their newfound relationship off-camera.

“Because I like to face things,” Daniel explained, before adding, “Same thing with you, like you hang up on Carolina live on [radio] for a headline and now we’re here.

“You should be apologising to her because I’ve got screenshots of her straightaway trying to get back on the line.”


The 30-year-old personal trainer was referring to an incident from earlier this month when Carolina’s interview with the on-air duo appeared to be cut short.

Fitzy had asked Carolina if she was “embarrassed” with the way she had come across on TV and whether she was setting a “good example” for her 16-year-old son before the call abruptly ended.

However, Carolina has now claimed that she “definitely” didn’t hang up, while Wippa insisted that he and Fitzy have “never hung up on a guest”.

“How come you didn’t let her back on the line straight away then?” Daniel asked, to which Wippa replied, “Channel Nine didn’t”.

“I’ll tell you guys right now. That kind of stuff doesn't affect Carolina whatsoever so to imply that she hung up…” Daniel continued, before Wippa asserted once again that they hadn’t hung up.

“On my kids' lives, we did not hang up on Carolina,” the former Celebrity Apprentice star repeated.

“Alright man, I believe you. Let’s squash it there,” Daniel responded.

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes on Fitzy & Wippa.
Daniel and Carolina claimed that they were ‘contractually obligated’ to attend the boys’ and girls’ night. Photos: Instagram/fitzyandwippa

'Contractually obligated'

Later in the interview, Daniel and Carolina were asked why they bothered showing up to the recent boys’ and girls’ nights when they knew they would be met with a frosty reception from the other brides and grooms.

“I can tell you right now. One [reason], contractually obligated,” Daniel began to explain before he was cut off and asked if he got paid more money to go back on the show.

“No, you get a wage each week regardless, but technically I was still getting paid,” he said. “I was still filming, guys. I know we all like to live in this MAFS world like, ‘You're doing this, this is a marriage’. Guys, it's television. I'm getting paid, we’re all getting paid.”

Carolina added: “Also, some people are happy to walk away from situations but for some people, you've signed a contract, you have a word that you're going to complete something and you want do what you [said].”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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