MAFS' Carolina and Daniel take swipe at Dion and hint show is faked

MAFS' Carolina and Daniel have broken their silence after leaving the show, taking a swipe at Dion and hinting that Sunday night's explosive commitment ceremony was faked.

In a video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, the pair is seen walking hand-in-hand through Sydney with Carolina telling the photographer she has no remorse for the way she acted on the show.

MAFS' Carolina and Daniel seen walking in Sydney
MAFS' Carolina and Daniel have finally spoken out after leaving the show, taking a swipe at Dion while hinting the ceremony was all faked. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

When asked if she stood by how she acted, Carolina took a swipe at Dion, saying, "It's just hard to just have to tell someone the same thing over and over again, you do get frustrated. I wish I didn't let him get the worst out of me. But it's all good now."

While they wouldn't say too much, they shared that they were "happy" their relationship was all out in the open now.


Daniel did, however, hint the commitment ceremony was faked when asked whose idea it was for them to crash it, hinting that they did actually have microphones on at the time, despite producers making it look like they showed up with no one knowing.

"Oh, so you did have microphones on and it was all faked?" the photographer questioned.

MAFS' Daniel and Carolina on the couch
Daniel and Carolina left the other MAFS couples shocked when they walked in and asked to be able to stay in the experiment together. Photo: Nine
MAFS' Dion
Dion was seeing red when the pair arrived at the commitment ceremony. Photo: Nine

"No! Reality, reality TV? Come on!" Daniel said sarcastically with a big smile.

Speaking about the experts' "harsh" comments, the personal trainer seemed unfazed, saying, "It's television, man. We signed up for it."

When the photographer brings up the fact cheaters have been able to stay on the show before the pair seemed exasperated.

"That's my point!" Carolina said. "I don't know why we weren't worthy of a chance, when it clearly happened in the past for other seasons."

MAFS' Daniel seen handing out flyers outside UFC Gym
While Daniel wouldn't confirm or deny that he was living in Sydney, Yahoo Lifestyle obtained images of him working at the new UFC gym in Sydney's CBD. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS' Daniel takes phone call at UFC Gym Sydney
Daniel works at the gym as a manager. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

When asked if she thought they were treated unfairly she added, "When you look at it that way, yes. But, it is what it is."

The photographer then questioned if Carolina had seen videos showing that Dion actually does go to the gym, Daniel joked, "Dion, you're back in brother."

The couple also shared that they "do everything together" and that they were happy it all worked out.

"I said from the start that it was real," Daniel said.

When asked if they think they'd have lasted if they were allowed to stay on the show, he added, "One hundred per cent. The amount of s**t we've been through because of this show has just made us stronger."

And while he wouldn't confirm or deny that he has moved to Sydney, Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos showing the reality star has a job at the Sydney CBD UFC Gym.

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