MAFS star Ella Ding's mum drops major spoiler on Instagram

After spending several weeks watching their relationship develop in the experiment, Married At First Sight fans are dying to know whether Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud are still together in real life.

Now, it appears as though the 27-year-old bride’s mother has accidentally dropped a major spoiler on social media about the fate of their ‘marriage’.

MAFS' Ella and Mitchell at the commitment ceremony.
MAFS star Ella Ding’s mother Belinda has seemingly revealed the fate of her relationship with Mitchell Eynaud outside of the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

Belinda Ding, who viewers met during Ella’s homestay in Melbourne, recently liked a comment on her Instagram suggesting that her daughter is currently single.

“If Ella Ding is single please let me know. She’s my favourite girl in the experiment,” the fan wrote.

What’s even more telling is the fact that Belinda doesn’t currently follow her potential son-in-law Mitchell on Instagram, despite following a number of other participants.

As well as Ella, Belinda is following Domenica Calarco, Jack Millar, Al Perkins, Selina Chhaur and Brent Vitiello at the time of writing.


Meanwhile, Belinda has been sharing several posts on her Instagram throughout the season praising the close friendship between Ella and Domenica.

“My beautiful Ella in Sydney celebrating Domenica a couple weeks ago. Glamour girls,” she captioned a gallery of the pair posing together, followed by a sweet selfie of the duo smiling.

On Monday night she also uploaded a photo of herself posing with Domenica and her mother Anna at dinner together.

“Two very proud mothers finally meet!” she wrote.

MAFS' Ella and Domenica posing, and Ella's mum smiling next to Domenica and her mum Anna.
Belinda has shared several photos of Ella and Domenica on social media, including a recent dinner with Domenica’s mum Anna. Photos: Instagram/belindadingart

‘The nice stuff has been cut’

The social media deep dive comes shortly after Ella spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her time on the show and her on-screen portrayal.

“In terms of watching Mitchell and I’s relationship and the narrative that the producers have gone with, it's completely different to what I had imagined,” she said.

“I had no idea this is the direction that our relationship would go down, but that’s TV for you.”

She went on to defend her partner and insist that there are plenty of aspects of their relationship that viewers haven’t been able to see.

“Mitchell's obviously copped quite a bit of backlash and a bit of a negative run, but I can back him. I was the one who was with him all day every day and he's not only what he's been portrayed to be, that's for sure,” she continued.

“The nice stuff has been cut, but it is what it is. I’m not going to be holding MAFS against anything, I understand. Mitch and I know what went on for us behind closed doors and that’s all that Mitch and I need really at the end of the day.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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