MAFS' Collins addresses speculation about his sexuality

Collins has shed more light on his personal life in a Kyle and Jackie O interview.

Married At First Sight's Collins Christian has addressed rumours about his sexuality in a Kyle and Jackie O interview after his 'wife' Natalie Parham broke things off with him before intimacy week.

From being asked if he was a virgin and being prodded about his sexuality, the interview left no stone unturned when it came to prying into Collins' personal life.

Collins and Natalie at commitment ceremony
Collins and Natalie's relationship was short-lived. Photo: Nine

Collins said he's fallen in love before but things didn't pan out for him with the woman, who was also a colleague, not being "into" him.

"That was years ago, but that's how I know it was love because you never forget that feeling," he said.

When prodded about his sexual experience, after Kyle asked if he had "had sex with the ladies," Collins said he wasn't a virgin and not a planted actor either.


And when Intern Pete came in to ask Collins about his sexuality after speculation online that he isn't straight, Collins confirmed that he's not gay.

"Am I gay? No, I'm not gay. Not gay at all," he said. "Have I dabbled? No, not at all, mate. I remember back in Year 6 I watched gay porn before just to see would it, I knew straight away, I'm not gay."

Collins and Natalie MAFS dinner party
Collins and Natalie seemingly didn't share many happy memories on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Natalie reveals where she stands with Collins

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, Natalie confirmed she and Collins are no longer on speaking terms.

“We don't talk,” she confirmed. “What really hurt was he could see how sad and how affected I was by being on the experiment, and he never checked in.

“I checked in with him, [and] he gave me one-word answers, but he never reached out just to see if I was okay.”

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