MAFS' Natalie reveals major moment with Collins that never aired on TV

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie spills on why she believes things didn't work out with Collins.

Married At First Sight’s Natalie Parham has revealed an unseen moment from Monday night’s episode when she announced she would be leaving the reality show and saying goodbye to her partner Collins Christian.

Although couples are usually forced to continue in the experiment for another week when one person writes ‘Stay’ at the commitment ceremony, Natalie proved to be an exception to the rule when she was allowed to leave the following day.

MAFS’ Natalie Parham and Collins Christian.
MAFS’ Natalie Parham reveals what viewers didn’t get to see on TV when she said goodbye to her partner Collins Christian. Photos: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following her abrupt exit, Natalie reveals that there was one moment during her final scene with Collins that never aired on TV.

The 32-year-old bride says she knew she had to “stand her ground” following their tense commitment ceremony so she wrote a letter for her partner.

“I wrote him a letter, and so he couldn't use my grief against me I said, ‘I wrote this letter with my mum, my sister, and after I'd spoken to a psychologist. So I was in my best frame of mind when I wrote this letter and it still applies right now’,” she details.

“It was essentially what I said when I chatted to Collins before I left. Pretty much what I said that day was in the letter. I gave it to him and I was like, ‘Here, reflect’.”


Natalie explains that after Collins read her letter, they “kept going around in circles” about the future of their relationship.

“That's why I was like, ‘I'm done, there’s no connection here, I can't make a connection with you and I never will. You need to leave and walk out that door right now’,” she reflects. “I gave him a good old pat on the back and shut the door.

“I woke up with absolute certainty that I was going home that day and there was nothing anyone could say that could change my mind. I was going home, there was no connection, and I just needed to call it out.”

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MAFS’ Natalie Parham and Collins Christian.
Natalie believes her grief 'overshadowed' the relationship issues she and Collins were having. Photo: Channel Nine

Why Natalie and Collins didn't work out

While Natalie had “high hopes” for the experiment and went in “110 per cent” ready for a relationship, she believes things didn’t work out with Collins simply because he wasn’t attracted to her.

“I’ve never felt so unattractive in my entire life,” she admits. “I know that I'm beautiful and I love who I am, and I'm sad that everyone watched me become insecure because this guy doesn't like me.

“I was pretty heartbroken to see myself go from this beautiful, bubbly, happy, in her element and loving life person to just soulless behind the eyes.”


Natalie adds that she believes her grief over the death of her father just five weeks before her wedding “overshadowed” a lot of the relationship issues she and Collins had during filming.

“I feel like the grief was sort of an excuse to not say why we didn't have a connection, which was a bit of a shame,” she says.

“Honestly, I felt really supported going into the experiment, I had great support systems in place, and if I had a connection with someone on the show then they would kind of become my support system and I'd be able to rely on them for support. I didn't expect someone to fully heal me of my grief, I just wanted someone to love me.

“I got this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity [to go on MAFS] and I was gutted about what had happened to my family, but I just needed to give it a go. It sort of fell into my lap and I was like, I need to see if I can find love and give it a go. But obviously, it was too much for Collins to bear my grief.”

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