MAFS' Natalie reveals where she currently stands with Collins: 'Really hurt'

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie spills on whether she’d ever return to the experiment.

Married At First Sight’s Natalie Parham has confirmed that she and her on-screen partner Collins Christian are no longer on speaking terms after filming the reality show.

The 32-year-old physiotherapist tells Yahoo Lifestyle that viewers will have to wait until the reunion to see an update on their relationship, but that was the first time she “properly” heard from him after they left the experiment.

MAFS’ Collins Christian and Natalie Parham crying.
MAFS’ Natalie Parham has opened up about her current relationship with Collins Christian. Photo: Channel Nine

“We don't talk,” she confirms. “What really hurt was he could see how sad and how affected I was by being on the experiment, and he never checked in.

“I checked in with him, he gave me one-word answers, but he never reached out just to see if I was okay.”


Natalie, whose dad passed away five weeks before her TV wedding, also says she was upset Collins didn’t reach out when her mum was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“It doesn't take much to just be a nice person,” she remarks. “I know that not everyone wants to be friends with me, I get it. My circle is small at home, I’ve got a small friendship circle of very close friends and I don't mind that people don't want to be my friend - I'm a lot to deal with.

“But there's still human decency behind like, ‘Hey Nat, I heard your mum has cancer, how are you feeling being home?’. You don't have to be my friend to care.

“I've had more support from the internet than from him. I've had ladies come up to me at Coles and be like, ‘Can I give you a hug?’.”

MAFS’ Natalie Parham.
Natalie says she'd come back to the show if she was ‘guaranteed that the person is emotionally intelligent’. Photo: Channel Nine

Would Natalie return to the show?

While Natalie remains tight-lipped about whether she’s currently in a relationship, she says she’s not opposed to re-entering the experiment next season.

“Am I gonna do a Lizzie [Sobinoff] and come back?” she laughs. “I mean, I would need to be almost guaranteed that the person is emotionally intelligent and absolutely ready to fall head over heels, so to speak - hopefully not actually fall like I did.

“But yeah, I would have to really be certain about coming back for 2025. But who knows? Who knows what's going to happen for season 12, but season 11 is over for me.”

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