MAFS' Selina responds to rumours she and Al had a romantic relationship

She may have committed to her relationship with Cody Bromley during Tuesday night’s episode, but Married At First Sight fans were left confused when photos emerged this week of Selina Chhaur having a secret rendezvous with fellow participant Al Perkins.

Labelled ‘The date that didn’t make it to television’, Daily Mail published footage on Wednesday of the pair meeting up ‘behind their partners’ backs’ at a Sydney restaurant just a few days before Selina filmed Final Vows late last year.

MAFS’ Selina Chhaur and Al Perkins.
MAFS’ Selina Chhaur and Al Perkins had a secret rendezvous during filming that never made it to air. Photos: Channel Nine

The video shows the unlikely duo sharing a tight embrace surrounded by a camera crew while catching up over drinks.

At one point, Selina and Al were captured quickly jumping up from their seats and doing a bizarre dance routine around the table involving plenty of Fortnite-style moves.


And while there has plenty of speculation over whether or not the pair have ‘recoupled’, Selina tells Yahoo Lifestyle that their relationship is purely platonic.

“No, we’re just good friends. There’s nothing there, no romantic vibes,” she says.

“I love Al. I really want our mums to meet as well, I think that would be a great spin-off show”

MAFS' Selina and Al laughing at a dinner party.
Selina asserts that she and Al are ‘just good friends’. Photo: Channel Nine


Selina’s mum made a return to MAFS during Monday night’s episode when Cody visited Adelaide and accidentally smashed one of her favourite teacups.

“It was even more awkward in real life,” Selina recalls about the cringe-worthy moment.

After he had left, Selina’s mum brutally confessed that she was “not really impressed at all” and said that her daughter deserves better.

However, Selina decided to go against her mother’s wishes and stay with Cody on the show, something that seems to remain an area of contention for the family.

“She doesn’t want to say anything,” Selina explains when asked about what her mum thinks of her decision.

“You know those friends that don’t say anything because the couple is always on-again-off-again and they don’t want to get in trouble? That’s her. She doesn’t want to get involved.”

MAFS' Selina and Cody kissing at Final Vows.
Selina says her mum ‘doesn’t want to say anything’ about her relationship with Cody Bromley. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Make love, not war’

While fans will have to wait for the upcoming reunion to see if Selina and Cody are still together in the real world, the 32-year-old hairdresser is one of the many stars from the reality TV show attending Fitzy & Wippa’s Married At First Sight dinner party on Thursday night.

The exciting event, which is sure to be explosive based on previous years, allows listeners to wine and dine with their favourite MAFS stars.

“I’m so excited to see everyone again, my little MAFS fam,” Selina says about the upcoming evening, adding that she’s still friends with everyone in the cast.

“I’m the peacemaker of the group, it takes a lot for me to get fired up. Make love, not war.”

Married At First Sight continues 7pm Sunday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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