MAFS' Coco Stedman unveils dramatic makeover: 'Obsessed'

She made waves on the show with her outgoing personality and juicy storylines and now Married At First Sight’s Coco Stedman is the talk of Instagram as well.

The 30-year-old pilates studio owner took to her social media account to unveil her dramatic makeover, with fans swooning over the stunning transformation.

Married At First Sight’s Coco Stedman in a see-through bodysuit
Married At First Sight’s Coco Stedman has unveiled a new look. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman

“Time to try something new,” Coco captioned a snap, showing herself rocking shiny new auburn locks.

Fans immediately complimented the Sydney reality TV contestant on her new locks, with one person saying: “I loooove this colour on you”.


Others told Coco the new colour suited her and told her she could keep her tresses that way. “I actually might,” she replied.

Coco Stedman's red hair
Coco has debuted her new auburn hair. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman
Coco Stedman with red hair wearing a denim jacket
“Time to try something new,” Coco captioned a snap. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman

In a series of Instagram stories, Coco spoke about her transformation, saying there’s actually a reason behind the new look.

"There is a method in my madness." Coco said. "I wanna go out with only people who follow me on Instagram being like 'oh my god, is it you?' This way, no one will know."

She went on to say: "So yeah, I don't know, variety is the spice of life, isn't it? I've been brown, I've been blonde, and I just wanted to try something else. And I don't really care if you say you liked it better before."

MAFS' Coco Stedman
The MAFS' star said there is a 'method' to her 'madness' with the hair colour. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman

While she didn’t find love with her ‘husband’ Sam Carraro on the show, it seems things have worked out for the Sydneysider, who casually mentioned in a series of Instagram Stories recently that she is loved-up with a new man.

“I obviously train with my boyfriend now, and when you're this depleted, you need music. Like, I needed music to get me through that leg workout yesterday,” she said from her car.

Coco didn’t give any further information about the mystery man and she hasn’t shared a snap of them together yet.

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