MAFS' Coco turns heads in raciest dinner party look yet

MAFS dinner parties are known for their wine-spilling drama, but never before has a bride turned heads quite like Coco did on last night's explosive episode.

The newly single bride has her eyes firmly set on Cameron who had his eyes firmly set on her when she stepped out in a sheer bodysuit for the dinner party last night.

MAFS bride coco
Coco donned a very revealing look for last night's dinner party. Photo: Nine

The vivacious bride wasn't shy about her eye-popping look, telling the camera as she got ready she was 'excited' to see Cam's reaction to her in the slinky number and giving a very detailed description of the look in typical Coco fashion.

"I'm excited for him to see me in my outfit," a giddy Coco said. "It is a skin-tight, see-through, cheek-poppin', titties-droppin', head to toe black, rhinestone, bodysuit."


True to her word the look was suitably fabulous, with a very revealing tiny black bodysuit under the sheer overlay showing off the pilates instructor's incredible body.

Taking to Instagram, Coco shared snaps of the racy look, simply captioned: "Sorry mum."

When she walked into the dinner party she got quite the reaction.

Coco MAFS bride sheer bodysuit
Coco took no prisoners. Photo: Nine

“That is … quite something," Mel Schilling said as the bride walked in. "Wow.”

Of course, not even the shimmering bodysuit could distract from the shambolic state of affairs that unfolded, after Coco confronted Sam about potentially taking her man, prompting Sam to hand in her wedding ring and call it quits with Cam, only for Coco to have fresh doubts about Cam's suitability after he ditched Sam.

Yes, we agree couples should not be paired if they have names that rhyme.

What we would like to see more of are dinner party outfits that turn heads as much as Coco's did.

It's not the first time the show has pushed the envelope either.

Earlier in the week an X-rated display on the show from couple Brett and Booka left viewers reeling after their intimacy challenge got very intimate indeed.

The pair was given a box of toys by sexologist Alessandra Rompola to encourage them to be playful with one another, but it wasn't building blocks and Uno that they discovered when they popped the lid, rather a very adult array that pushed the 7:30 pm air time almost to breaking point.

Inside was a fluffy set of handcuffs, a blindfold, a feather tickler which was soon repurposed as a whip and an interactive game.

To kick off the steamy interaction Brett opted for the game, with Booka's first 'dare' leading to some very... hands-on interactions.

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