MAFS bride Coco Stedman showcases booty transformation

She may have compared herself to a 'hotdog' earlier in the season but MAFS bride Coco Stedman was simply looking hot while showing off her incredible booty transformation on social media.

The Pilates studio owner took to her Instagram Stories to share a before-and-after snap of her derrière showing it significantly more rounded in the pic on the right.

MAFS bride Coco Stedman
MAFS bride Coco Stedman has showcased her incredible booty transformation. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco.

In the caption, the 30-year-old claimed that the change wasn't the result of a one-off pump class at the gym nor figure-enhancing 'scrunch bum' tights.

"That's no pump (I trained back and shoulders today), no scrunch bum tights," she wrote.

She went on to say that her glutes were always her 'weakness' and encourage her followers to never give up on their fitness goals.

"So remember - even when it's hard and you feel like giving up - look back at how far you've come.

"Don't compare yourself to what you see online. It's just you vs. you."


MAFS' Coco bum transformation
The Pilates studio owner was clearly thrilled with her derrière. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco.
Coco from MAFS taking a mirror selfie
Coco advised her followers to avoid comparing themselves to others. Photo: Instagram/peaceloveandcoco.

Coco's 'before' booty photo appears to have been taken while filming a yoga date with her TV husband Sam Carraro on MAFS last year.

She shared the original snap of her hugging Sam to her Instagram in early March, joking in the caption that participating in the show saw her lose the fitness 'gains' she'd made previously.

Coco was in fine form for an explosive dinner party later in the season that saw her arrive sporting a sheer, bejewelled bodysuit.

MAFS bride coco
Coco donned a very revealing look for last night's dinner party. Photo: Nine

The head-turning outfit did just that, leaving her co-stars and the show's experts speechless. But there was one groom in particular that Coco wanted to impress — and it wasn't Sam.

While getting herself ready for the party, she told the camera she was 'excited' to see Cameron Dunne's reaction to her in the slinky number.

"I'm excited for him to see me in my outfit," a giddy Coco said. "It is a skin-tight, see-through, cheek-poppin', titties-droppin', head to toe black, rhinestone, bodysuit."

Taking to Instagram, Coco shared snaps of the racy look, simply captioned: "Sorry mum."

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