MAFS' Carolina and Daniel reveal the biggest editing fail: 'This is BS'

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After making this year's season of Married At First Sight one of the most dramatic yet, Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes have now opened up about their biggest regrets and what they wish they did differently.

Chatting exclusively with Yahoo Lifestyle, the pair have also unpacked the biggest editing fail, what it was like watching the show on TV, and what’s next for them.

MAFS' Carolina and Daniel at the commitment ceremony.
MAFS’ Carolina and Daniel have shared their biggest regrets from the show. Photo: Channel Nine


Almost four months on from filming the show’s explosive reunion, Carolina and Daniel insist that they “don’t have any regrets at all” from their MAFS experience.

“After all, it’s television, it’s not murder,” Daniel remarks. “It’s really hard to disassociate that because you’re constantly getting so many messages. But it’s like, I should have done more if anything. Who gives a shit, it’s just TV.”


Although they might not be apologetic for their actions, they admit that there are a few things that they would do differently if they had the chance to go back.

“I probably would be smarter this time around because you already know a few of the tricks and stuff,” Carolina shares.

“I probably would have played the victim a little bit more because apparently performing helps a lot along the way with the viewers, so I’d probably be like, ‘Oh poor me!’.”

“I’m the same,” Daniel adds. “When you first start on MAFS, like day one of filming, the producers are like, ‘Say it like this Daniel! Why don’t you use these words and say it in this way?’ and I’m like, ‘Okay!’.

“Not that people are telling you how to behave, but you're very easily influenced and then you go, ‘Oh, hang on, these people don't have my best interests at heart’.”

Watching The Show

Speaking about watching the show on TV, the couple share what they found to be the hardest moment to relive.

“I think it was the commitment ceremony because we were just so annoyed that we were like, ‘How did they make us believe that we would be able to stay?’,” Carolina says.

“Actually, a lot of it [was hard to watch] because we don't get to say what we are feeling and what we wanted to say at that time. We were always the last one to walk in, the last couple on the couch, and you’re waiting for hours by that point so you’re already exhausted.

“And then when we watch it back, there's so much that I could and should have said. The last commitment ceremony was one of those moments. But at the same time, even the little bits that you do say, it doesn't make the show look good or the experts look good so they edit it out anyway, so it's kind of pointless. It’s a lose-lose situation.”

“I don’t have any intentions of watching much back at all,” Daniel continues. “Because I look at it and I see myself and I go, ‘Oh, that's the character they made from my person', because they only show a certain perspective with certain music. It’s very little in comparison to what really went down.”

MAFS' Carolina and Daniel.
‘There's so much that I could and should have said’. Photo: Channel Nine

Editing Fail

While there were plenty of moments that raised eyebrows throughout the season, Carolina says that one of the worst editing fails centred around her dinner party fight with her ‘husband’ Dion [Giannarelli] about going to Bondi.

“So Dion really wanted us to go to Bondi and I didn't want to go with him to Bondi, I didn't want to bump into a friend,” she explains.

“Because at that point, we were still in lockdown so people would go for walks, that’s all they could do. So I didn’t want to bump into someone and have to explain that I can’t say that we’re in a show and they’re like, ‘Who is this?’. How would I introduce you? A mate? It’s weird.

“So when they showed that conversation on the dinner table, I think it shows Dion saying, ‘She has that many followers, she thinks she’s famous, she doesn't want to go to Bondi’. And then you hear me saying ‘Exactly’, and they took the ‘Exactly’ from a different conversation and it just sounds like I’m agreeing to it.

“I’m like, this is BS! But at the same time, it was funny. I just laughed at it like, oh whatever.”

MAFS' Carolina and Daniel at the dinner party.
Carolina says that her dinner party fight with Dion was blown out of proportion. Photo: Channel Nine

Lessons Learned

Despite the tumultuous experience, unflattering edit and heavy backlash from fans online, Carolina and Daniel believe that they left the show with many positive lessons learned.

“Go for what you want because, at the end of the day, you might end up finding love,” she gushes.

“We both have personality types very much like that, like going for what we want, so it kind of reaffirmed that idea,” Daniel agrees.

The Future

As for what’s next, the loved-up couple tease that they have a number of exciting plans coming up in the near future.

“OnlyFans!” Daniel jokes. “Just keep building our relationship, building our social media platforms.

“People have to dissociate this idea that having a social media presence or having something that comes out from MAFS because of MAFS is a bad thing. It's an opportunity to make money. Is money making a bad thing?”

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