MAFS' Caitlin reveals why she joined OnlyFans after the show: 'Don't judge'

EXCLUSIVE: The MAFS bride spills on her X-rated career move.

Married At First Sight’s Caitlin McConville has opened up about her decision to join OnlyFans after appearing on the reality show.

The season 10 bride, who charges $24.99 for a monthly subscription on the adult platform, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she actually had an OnlyFans account prior to MAFS which she spoke about on the show but it was never aired on TV.

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville in the Yahoo studio / Caitlin wearing red lingerie.
MAFS’ Caitlin McConville has revealed why she joined OnlyFans after the show. Photos: Yahoo / Instagram/caitlinmcconville

“Shannon [Adams] and I actually had a conversation about me being an adult entertainer in the past, and [the producers] asked us to have that conversation on camera,” she shares. “This sort of stuff was had on camera, it just wasn't used.

“I'm very sex-positive, I'm very progressive, I'm very, ‘Do what makes you happy and make money however makes you happy’ - and that's with everything. If you like to travel the world and want to blog it and you make money off it, do it. If you’re a beauty influencer, do it. Just do what makes your soul sing, I don't judge people.”


Caitlin went on to say that despite the fact that she had an OnlyFans before appearing on reality TV, she was hesitant to rejoin in June because of the public’s perception.

“I'm not gonna lie, at first I was kind of like, do I do this again knowing I'm going to get a lot of hate and bite back from the public because of the stigma around it?” she reflects. “Do I really want to deal with that? Is that going to be good for my mental health?

“But at the same time, I had people remind me like, ‘Caitlin, you are who you are, and don't change that because of people's negative opinions. And the people who will support you will support you and the people who don't won’t’.”

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville posing in lingerie.
Caitlin charges $24.99 for a monthly subscription on the adult platform. Photos: Instagram/caitlinmcconville

Bronte's eye-watering OnlyFans salary

Caitlin is one of the two season 10 participants who have joined OnlyFans after appearing on MAFS, with her co-star Bronte Schofield launching an account in June.


Bronte, who charges $25.99 for a monthly subscription, revealed on TikTok that she had earned a whopping $100,000 in just three days on the platform.

“Did it for the plot, and here we are,” she jokingly added.

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