MAFS’ Bryce slams former co-stars Johnny and Kerry for being ‘fake’

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Married At First Sight star Bryce Ruthven has blasted his former co-stars and on-screen friends, Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight, and revealed that they’re no longer in contact.

The 32-year-old, who recently became a father to twin sons with fiancée Melissa Rawson, took to Instagram this week to answer fan questions about the show after his season of MAFS just finished airing in the UK.

Married At First Sight stars Melissa Rawson, Bryce Ruthven, Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight.
Bryce has revealed that he is no longer friends with Johnny and Kerry. Photos: Channel Nine

One person asked Bryce if he was still in touch with Johnny and Kerry, as they appeared close on-camera and the intruder couple repeatedly stood up for Bryce and Melissa at dinner parties.

“Nope, not at all,” he replied candidly. “They’ve completely wiped us (and Jason [Engler]) for whatever reason.”


He continued: “We’ve heard ‘our friendship is not good for their image’ and that ‘we’re competition for public attention’ as the only remaining couples from MAFS, which we have zero interest in and just want to focus on our little family.

“We’re just disappointed that we’re poor judges of character in that friendship. Some are a genuine couple and our friends and some are all for the positive public image and limelight… Will leave it at that.”

MAFS Bryce's Instagram story about Johnny and Kerry.
Bryce claimed that Johnny and Kerry ‘completely wiped’ him and Melissa. Photo: Instagram/bryceruthven

Bryce took another swipe at the 31-year-old TV star in a follow-up post when answering a second fan question about whether he, Johnny and Jason were “still best mates”.

“Jason - absolutely, one of the best blokes I've ever met. Very loyal and still a close friend of Melissa and I,” he began.

“Johnny - nope, fake and more concerned about a public nice guy image. Also threw Jason under the bus with a particular homophobic video that he, his TV partner and friend were also involved in.”

A video went viral online earlier this year showing Jason using ‘gross’ homophobic language about his co-star, bisexual groom Liam Cooper, during a wild night out after filming wrapped.

Jason has since apologised for his comments, telling Daily Mail that he was “ashamed” of his inappropriate remarks. Meanwhile, Johnny and another co-star, Georgia Fairweather, who also appeared in the video, are said to have apologised privately to Liam.

MAFS Bryce's Instagram story about Jason and Johnny.
Bryce called Johnny ‘fake’ and ‘more concerned about a public nice guy image’. Photo: Instagram/bryceruthven

Writing on his Instagram Story, Bryce added: “We prefer to be friends with honest people that take accountability for when they were in the wrong, not leave it up to one person to wear all the blame.”

Bryce’s explosive posts come shortly after it was reported that he, Melissa and their newborn twins Levi and Tate may be looking to make the move to the UK.

A source close to the couple told Daily Mail that they have been ‘inundated’ with work offers after their season of MAFS aired overseas.

“I hear Bryce has been talking to casting producers and is waiting for the right career opportunity to move there. He is trying to keep his options open,” the insider reportedly said, adding that Bryce has also recently renewed his passport.

However, the former TV groom told the publication that his main focus right now is getting his twin boys home healthy after they arrived into the world 10 weeks early.

“Melissa and I would love to take Levi and Tate to the UK after April 18 to introduce the twins to family and friends that live over there,” he said. “Who knows how long the visit to the UK could end up, might spend a bit more time over there than your usual Contiki tour.”

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