Brett and Booka's raunchy display on MAFS stuns viewers

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MAFS' intimacy week is always bound to get a little hot and heavy but an X-rated display on the show on Monday evening left viewers reeling.

Popular couple Brett and Booka were given a box of toys by sexologist Alessandra Rompola to encourage them to be playful with one another, but it wasn't building blocks and Uno that they discovered when they popped the lid, rather a very adult array that pushed the 7:30 pm air time almost to breaking point.

Intimacy box MAFS intimacy week sexy adult toy box
The intimacy box contained plenty of toys to get Brett and Bookas imaginations going. Photo: Nine

Inside was a fluffy set of handcuffs, a blindfold, a feather tickler which was soon repurposed as a whip and an interactive game.

To kick off the steamy interaction Brett opted for the game, with Booka's first 'dare' leading to some very... hands-on interactions.

Booka licks Bretts fingers on MAFS
MAFS! It's finger-lickin' good! Photo: Nine

"Gently kiss and suck on several of your lovers' fingers," Booka reads out.


The pair go ahead with the exercise to the delight of Brett, and the slightly less delightful reaction of Booka.

"Mmm tastes like dish soap," Booka says around Brett's fingers, but Brett couldn't have been more into it.

'Ohhh yeah," he says, half-joking.

“He’s making weird grunting sounds," Booka complains to the camera. "Like, 'Oh yeah!'That just makes my hymen re-seal."

MAFS bride booka sexy lingerie intimacy game
Booka stepped out in something more enticing than the weird finger-licking game. Photo: Nine

So, in a bid to redirect what to Booka was a highly unsexy situation, she emerged in a sexy lingerie and robe piece and proceeded to handcuff Brett on the bed.

With a fake Russian accent, she straddled him to perform a massage, teasing him with a feather wand that she soon used as a whip.

MAFS couple sexy game Book Brett
Things soon got very hot and heavy for the 7:30 pm time slot. Photo: Nine

The display had plenty of fans absolutely gobsmacked, with a few tuning in only to report they were tuning out despite the program going head to head with Channel 10's airing of Harry and Meghan's explosive Oprah interview.

"Booka and Brett’s parents right now," one fan wrote alongside an image of Marge Simpson downing a glass of wine while wincing.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

"I love Booka and Brett and I wish I’d married him myself but I don’t wannna see all this it’ll give me nightmares," another wrote.

"This escalated real quick," another wrote.

"I’m not old enough to watch this," one person joked.

Plenty of fans were loving the steamy display, praising Booka for proudly championing her desires on national TV.

"Whoa, a woman that's not scared of her sexuality and she looks hot!!!!!!" one woman wrote.

"I love her," plenty wrote.

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