Huge MAFS editing fail spotted in episode derails show timeline

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We all know that reality TV is made of three parts: one part real life, one part bells and whistles, and one part selective editing.

It looks like when it comes to Married at First Sight however, the editing might be more important than we thought, even powerful enough to alter the entire timeline of the show.

MAFS experts look at pictures of contestants
A closer look at the experts' deliberations seems to betray a serious flaw in the timeline. Photo: Nine

Viewers are lead to believe the order of events starts with the experts matching up the couples, followed by a wedding, a honeymoon and a dinner party, but now it seems that may not be the case after all.

Reality TV gossip page The Wash shared an editing hiccup spotted by a fan that seems to show the photos the experts use to match the couples, were the same ones taken at the dinner party.


That being the dinner party that, according to the show, took place after the weddings which were organised by the experts.

"Here's the experts matching the couples before their weddings..." the first photo of the trio discussing the couples was captioned.

Image of Bella MAFS during expert deliberation and at dinner party same photo editing fail exposed
(Left) Bella's headshoyt used by experts to match her. (Right) Bella poses at dinner party after her wedding. Photo: Nine

In a second photo, Bella and Patrick are shown posing in the exact same outfits at the dinner party with the photo captioned: .."using pics of the cast that were taken at the first dinner party".

The proof is in the dress Belinda Vickers opted to wear for the first dinner party, a long-sleeved deep purple number.

A dress she was also wearing, with an identical hairstyle, in the photograph the experts used to match her to husband Patrick Dwyer, a scene supposedly shot weeks earlier.

Coincidence? Most think not.

Comments on the post seemed to support the rumours.

"Bahahah," former contestant Dean Wells wrote. "I've been saying this for years!! No one believed me."

"Are we really still surprised by this sh*t?!" Below Deck star Hannah Ferrier wrote.

"BUSTED," a delighted fan wrote.

"They have a time machine!!!" another joked.

Channel Nine tells Yahoo Lifestyle that as fans suspected, the on-screen matchmaking we see is not in fact the real decision making process at all.

“The matchmaking discussion between the experts is a much more detailed and lengthy process that takes place over many weeks, however, for the purposes of shooting we film the on-camera match making scenes in one day after the couples have been matched and filming has commenced," a spokesperson said.

Coco in headshot experts deliberation (left) and at dinner party after wedding (right)
Bride Coco was also pictured wearing her dinner party outfit (right) in a photo used to match her with her husband (left). Photo: Nine

A close look through the experts' various couple deliberations reveals it's not just Bella who had her dinner party headshot used to match her with her husband – all the bride and grooms were the same.

Coco had a snap of her sporting her white bodycon dress with a leather jacket used while being matched with husband Sam, and Samantha was pictured in the same maroon dress she wore to the first party.

Samantha MAFS headshot dinner party editing fail
Apparently, Samantha was matched with Cameron using a photo (left) of her that was taken at the first dinner party (right). Photo: Nine

It's not the first time the show has suffered an embarrassing editing fail, earlier this season a dodgy edit seemingly revealed a major plot point to come, and be warned there are spoilers coming so turn away now.

Affair uncovered in awkward editing slip up

During the first episode of the 2021 season, the show revealed there would be an affair at some point and while they blurred out the couple, a slip up on an earlier episode appeared to confirm who that groom was.

In the footage, you can see a muscly arm with a huge tattoo that is seen stroking a brunette woman's leg and that tattoo seems to match Cameron Dunne, who married Samantha Jayne on the show.

Of course now we've seen Coco and Cameron start to mingle on the show so the teaser was all but confirmed.

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