MAFS bride shocks with X-rated act in restaurant: 'That's extreme'

In an explosive episode of Married at First Sight UK, a groom revealed he stormed out of a restaurant after his bride performed an X-rated act at the table.

During a commitment ceremony, MAFS UK stars Matt and Gemma hashed out their issues in front of relationship experts, including Australia's Mel Schilling.

The pair agreed they initially had a lot of sexual chemistry, but Matt was clearly put off by Gemma's sex act at the restaurant.

"OK, can you explain why ... the first day I walked away?" he said to Gemma as they sat on the couch.

"I walked out because she started masturbating in a restaurant over a piece of food that you put in your mouth."

Matt and Gemma during a MAFS UK commitment ceremony.
Matt revealed Gemma sex act that caused him to storm out of a restaurant. Source: Channel 4

The other contestants watched on with stunned expressions as the pair continued to argue in front of the experts.

Mel attempted to diffuse the situation and encouraged the couple to talk through the issue respectfully.

"You hate my sense of humour," Gemma shot back at Matt.


She then told the experts it was because she felt "awkward" and she did understand there was a "time and place".

"At first it wasn't the fact there's a time and place for him ... he wanted me to stop doing it completely," she added.

Gemma during an episode of MAFS UK.
Gemma told experts it was just her sense of humour. Source: Channel 4

Gemma continued, telling the experts Matt found her "vulgar" while he said he found her actions vulgar.

A video of the pair discussing the sex act was posted on TikTok, and viewers were left shocked.

"She did whaaaaat?" one commented.

"Gemma in a restaurant though. That’s extreme though in public," another claimed.

"I'm sorry she did what in the restaurant?!?!?!" a third shocked viewer added.

Despite the revelation, both Matt and Gemma decided to continue on with the experiment.

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