MAFS stars Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro in violent confrontation

They regularly clashed on the 2021 season of Married at First Sight, and now former grooms Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro have been spotted in the middle of a violent confrontation in real life.

In footage shared by another member of the MAFS cast Nick Furphy, new dad Bryce and Sam can be seen trading punches ring-side at the Team Ellis celebrity boxing match in Melbourne on Friday night.

Bryce and Sam clash at an event. Photo: Instagram/Nick Furphy

According to the reports, Sam had won his fight against Love Island star Todd Elton, before challenging his former TV rival Bryce to a future bout.

"In the house with the big f***ing nose! That would be gonzo there would it?," Sam reportedly said, repeating the nickname he had regularly used for Bryce during the season.


As Sam stepped out of the ring, footage shows the pair lunging at each other and exchanging punches as Bryce's fiancée Melissa Rawson tried to step between them.

MAFS co-star Steve Burley was also there to try and keep them apart.

bryce angry on married at first sight
Bryce and Sam regularly clashed on Married at First Sight. Photo: Channel Nine
mafs star sam at dinner party
Sam repeatedly called out Bryce for how he treated Melissa on the show. Photo: Channe Nine

Daily Mail Australia reported that Melissa, who welcomed premature twin sons in October, was injured during the struggle.

Celebrity agent Max Markson, who represents both men, told NCA Newswire in a statement: “Everyone’s fine I think. Sam was just over excited and had just won his fight and just wanted to have a go at Bryce."

Sam and Bryce clashed many times during Married At First Sight this year, with one fight during a heated dinner party leading to Bryce throwing a glass of water at Sam.

Sam - who was 'married' Coco on the controversial reality series - claimed he had seen Melissa 'crying on the balcony' during the series, and repeatedly called out Bryce's treatment of his TV wife.

Melissa and Bryce have gone from strength to strength since the show, becoming engaged and welcoming twins Levi and Tate 10 weeks early.

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