MAFS: Bizarre detail in Jono's Instagram caption hints at romance with Ellie

The groom's dinner party post has definitely raised eyebrows.

From their reflective captions to the fact that they may or may not follow each other on Instagram, there’s a lot you can tell about a Married At First Sight couple’s relationship status by looking at their social media.

While it’s been confirmed that things don’t work out between Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn - and he is now dating their co-star Ellie Dix - the pair have continued to post about their relationship online as if they’re still together.

However, one of Jono’s recent Instagram posts may have cheekily hinted at his romance with Ellie, which is set to be exposed at the reunion.

MAFS’ Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn.
MAFS’ Jono McCullough posted a photo with his ‘wife’ Lauren Dunn alongside a surprising Instagram caption. Photo: Channel Nine

Jono posted a photo of himself and Lauren walking into the dinner party on Wednesday night alongside the caption: “I got your back babe, for real this time 😉”

The caption is clearly a reference to how he didn’t defend Lauren against Jack Dunkley’s “muzzle your woman” comment at the last dinner party, although it could also be a nod to how he defended Ellie throughout the episode.


Jono was shown going off about Ellie’s husband Ben Walters’ behaviour during a piece-to-camera interview, saying that he had “ruined a good thing” with her.

“I don’t understand Ben,” he said. “He had this beautiful, lovely girl. I kind of want to slap him, in the metaphorical sense. Like, ‘Stop ruining this amazing opportunity!’.

Jono has defended Ellie several times throughout the season, including during Intimacy Week when he described her as a “lovely, beautiful, smiling, happy and very intelligent woman” who was essentially too good for Ben.

“[Ben] danced around the subject of wanting kids again,” he said. “It does make you question his motives for being here, and it’s a bit ick. So I don’t buy Ben at all.”

MAFS’ Ellie Dix / Jono McCullough.
Jono has defended Ellie several times throughout the season. Photos: Channel Nine

Ellie and Jono 'reprimanded' by Nine after scandal leaks

Earlier this month an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Ellie and Jono had been “reprimanded” by Channel Nine and the show’s production company Endemol Shine Australia after Yahoo Lifestyle published photos of the pair at her Christmas party.

A source connected to the show told us that everybody was in “damage control” and the pair had been “withdrawn from all media opportunities” for the foreseeable future.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, Ben revealed that he only officially found out Jono and Ellie were together at the reunion but was always suspicious of their connection during filming.

“I saw the way they looked at each other from the start and I suspected something fishy was going on,” he shared.

Ben added that although he feels like Ellie “emotionally cheated” on him, he’s happy that she and Jono found love in the experiment.

“I honestly wish them well as they seem happy together,” he remarked. “We text sometimes still. Pretty disappointing that they decided to ruin the storyline for MAFS fans.”

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