MAFS' Sara breaks silence after dividing viewers with racy dinner party dress

One fan described Sara's designer dress as 'the worst dress I've actually ever seen in my life'.

Married At First Sight’s Sara Mesa has sent fans wild with her racy outfit at Wednesday night’s dinner party.

The 29-year-old bride ensured all eyes were on her with a jaw-dropping cherry red dress that exposed her torso and underboob, which could’ve easily resulted in a wardrobe malfunction while filming.

MAFS’ Sara Mesa wearing a cherry red CHRISTOPER ESBER dress.
MAFS’ Sara Mesa wore a racy cut-out dress during Wednesday night’s dinner party. Photos: Channel Nine

Sara rented the dress from The Only Dress Hire, however, it’s currently available on CHRISTOPER ESBER’s website in lilac for $995.

The website description for the Venus Tank Dress details that the gown is made from 90% nylon and 10% lycra with brass hardware, and “features artfully handcrafted hardware creating a sculpture wave cutout across the body”.


While Sara was clearly a huge fan of her dinner party outfit and shared three posts on Instagram showing off the look, fans were very much divided on social media.

“Did the rest of the dress get sucked into the dryer? Couldn't afford the rest of the dress? I'm confused,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“That is the worst dress I've actually ever seen in my life,” another commented, followed by a third who added, “My breasts hurt just by watching Sara’s dress”.

“Very unflattering and doesn’t look remotely comfortable,” someone else shared, while a different user replied, “Ouch is all I can say!”.

“Sara’s dress looks like ravioli that got cooked too long and exploded in the saucepan,” one viewer joked. Others called the outfit “ridiculous” and “hideous”, and questioned whether the producers made her wear it for a “ratings bump”.

Fans declare Sara the 'best dressed' this season

Meanwhile, there were plenty of fans who loved the dress and said Sara looked “gorgeous”, “stunning” and “beautiful”.

“Great she has the body and confidence to wear it,” one fan said, while another remarked, “It’s not for me, but if I had those abs I might be a bit more confident too”.

“I wish I could trust a man as much as you trust that dress,” someone else joked.

“Obsessed with this,” a different user replied, with another viewer writing, “A big yes. Best dressed always”.

MAFS’ Sara Mesa wearing a cherry red CHRISTOPER ESBER dress.
Some fans questioned how comfortable Sara would've been in the outfit. Photos: Channel Nine

Sara speaks out against backlash

After sparking a fierce debate on social media, Sara took to the comments of The Only Dress Hire’s Instagram post to respond to the backlash over the dress.

“To anyone who thinks this dress isn’t anything but PERFECTION - Goodbye,” she wrote.

A spokesperson from The Only Dress Hire also defended Sara’s decision to wear the outfit to the dinner party, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that they believe she is a “style icon”.

“This $1000 Christopher Esber dress is very popular on our website, an absolute statement piece. The Australian designer is known for his peekaboo cut-outs and dresses Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber,” they said.

“We really enjoy dressing Sara throughout this season of MAFS and can’t wait to see her wearing more of our dresses on the show!”

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