MAFS' Ben drops bombshell about dinner party breakup: 'Not the reality'

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Walters has spoken out about his breakup with Ellie Dix, saying he realised he 'shortchanged' Ellie.

Ben Walters left everyone shocked at last night's Married At First Sight dinner party after he dumped his wife Ellie Dix in front of the other participants at the table.

The moment came after Ellie wrote 'leave' at the previous commitment ceremony, resulting in Ben disappearing on the show before coming back, writing a song for Ellie, then allegedly sitting her down and reading out a list of things he didn't like about their marriage.

Ben then invited Ellie to Maroubra Beach - the spot where they got married - to clear up their issues, but she didn't meet him there and the two showed up to their last dinner party separately.

MAFS' Ben and Ellie.
MAFS' Ben ended things with Ellie during Wednesday night's dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

During an appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind the Edit podcast, Ben explained that he was "trying to reach a definitive conclusion" in their relationship.

"I didn't get stitched up, Ellie's incredible. We got off to a really great start, could we go back there and reset," he shared. "That was the intention and the idea, but she didn't come [to the beach]. Which is OK, I respect that."

Ben also spoke about the dinner party dumping, saying that he and Ellie reached a decision about their relationship before the night of the party.


MAFS' Ben speaks out: 'I shortchanged Ellie'

On the breakup, Ben said it happened "days before" the dinner party in the now infamous two-hour conversation where he presented Ellie with a list of things that weren't working in their relationship.

"That happened days before in that two-hour conversation. We reached a stalemate, we could shake hands and move forward as friends. That was the conclusion," he said.

He then said what was presented on TV was very different.

"It shows me going, I'm committed, then I'm not... Mr. Wishy Washy," Ben said. "It's just not the reality.

"Everyone had their guns out for me and I actually shouted out to the table, 'With respect, shut the f**k up if you want to hear what I'm saying'. I sort of got control of the room. I said, 'Look, I own my insecurities. I haven't been fully myself. I haven't been fully authentic, I felt terrible, but I tried to own all my s**t'.

"Because that week, I really reflected like, hang on, I have f***ed up, I have made mistakes, and I've got to do better. I was doing the best I can, but I realised I have shortchanged [Ellie] and she does deserve better. People started clapping, I don't know if that was sarcastic or not, but she got emotional. I think she was hoping for me to cop a big grilling."

Ben and Ellie on MAFS and Ben spotted with his new girlfriend.
Ben and Ellie have both since moved on with other people. Photo: Nine/Matrix

Since the bitter breakup, Ellie has moved on with Jono McCullough and Ben has confirmed he's also dating someone new. Read about it here.

Listen to our full interview with Ben on tomorrow's episode of Behind The Edit.

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