MAFS' 'biggest ever scandal' set to rock new season: 'Humiliated'

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The tenth season of Married At First Sight is just a month away from airing on Channel Nine. And as excitement builds, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal the upcoming offering will feature what many cast members are referring to as the "biggest ever scandal" to rock the show.

According to our source, one groom is “exposed at his wedding for hooking up with another woman hours before walking down the aisle”.

Mel Schilling looks shocked (left) while a bride and groom kiss (right).
MAFS stars have revealed a huge scandal is set to rock season 10. Source: Channel Nine

In a dramatic twist, the woman in question coincidentally just happened to be close friends with his new bride's maid of honour.

“As soon as the groom arrived at the ceremony the maid of honour knew she recognised him from somewhere,” the insider explained.


“She couldn't believe it when she eventually realised it was the guy her friend was hooking up with. This all then came out at the wedding leaving the bride humiliated and confused. This season is chaotic from the very start.”

Hidden detail in MAFS 2023 trailer

Earlier this month Channel Nine finally unveiled the first official trailer for next year’s season of MAFS.

The two-minute teaser video features brief glimpses of the season ten participants in their wedding attire, as well as shots of multiple people in tears and expert Mel Schilling looking shocked.

One rather dramatic scene in the trailer shows a couple meeting for the first time at the aisle and holding hands. The video then changes from black and white to full colour as they share a very romantic kiss and rose petals fall from the ceiling.

However, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the handsome groom and blushing bride won’t actually be a part of MAFS this season as they are actors who were simply cast for the video.


A source tells us: “Channel Nine doesn't want to reveal which couples are matched together so to prevent spoilers they hire actors for the kissing shots.”

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