MAFS' Alyssa almost unrecognisable in resurfaced video: 'Looks different'

The cake decorator looked very different prior to going on MAFS.

Alyssa Barmonde is one of the most divisive participants from this year’s season of MAFS, after her relationship with popular groom Duncan James completely crumbled in the last two weeks. The Utah-born bride was concerned that the groom didn’t understand her priorities as a mum, and was left devastated when he broke up with her during final vows.

While the 35-year-old is known for her long, blonde hair that she often wears around her face in waves, she hasn’t always looked this way. In a resurfaced video from 2010, the cake decorator looks almost unrecognisable with a cropped blonde bob and a side fringe.

MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde at a dinner party
MAFS' Alyssa Barmonde didn't always look like this. Photo: Nine

Her appearance on MAFS wasn’t her first time being on TV, with the Sydney-based contestant previously appearing on Judge Judy when she was 22 years old.

In a clip shared by Alyssa, she revealed that Judge Judy called her “annoying” as well as a “functional illiterate”.

She looks completely different, with her straightened shoulder-length hair styled in a side part. She wore a long, orange tank layered underneath a grey blazer with cropped puff sleeves. Alyssa looked nervous while she was yelled at by Judge Judy, and admitted on TikTok that she was on the verge of tears.

In a series of TikToks about her time on the legal show, she explained that producers approached her to appear on the show. She was being sued by two of her former roommates over a fire that had caused damage to their porch.


According to Alyssa, the show isn’t scripted at all and it can be ‘advantageous’ to go on as a defendant.

“If I was to lose, the show pays whatever you are being sued for,” she said. “I also got paid a small appearance fee and I was put up in Hollywood for the night, which was awesome.”

In the end, Judge Judy threw the case out and ruled that the reality TV star had covered costs in the form of her $700 security deposit.

Two screenshots of Alyssa Barmonde's TikTok showing her younger self on Judge Judy
She made her first TV appearance in 2010. Photo: TikTok/alyssabakescakes

After Alyssa shared the video on social media, many couldn’t believe that she used to sport that hairstyle.

“That was some stage three Karen hair and voice acting going on there. Kudos to you,” one person quipped.

“Mullets were in at one point, we all had those moments,” another wrote.

“I’m glad you fixed your hair,” a third chimed in.

“You got a whole makeover, you look like a different person,” another remarked.

Alyssa saw the humour in the savage comments, and defended her choice, saying: “Hey…that haircut was popular in 2010 OKAY”.

Screenshot of Alyssa's TikTok showing a clip from Judge Judy
The star clapped back at criticism around her hairstyle, saying it was trendy back then. Photo: TikTok/alyssabakescakes


Others couldn’t get over how different she looked, saying that she ‘hasn’t aged’ at all.

“Wow! You have aged beautifully. No offence but [you] look even younger now,” one fan commented.

“You glowed up!” another exclaimed.

“But can we talk about how good you look 11 years after?! Aging in reverse lol,” a third added.

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