MAFS 2023: Everything you need to know about Claire Nomarhas

Get to know the car fanatic with a spiritual side.

She's the bubbly Married At First Sight bride on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism from her TV groom Jesse for being "too loud", but 31-year-old Claire Nomarhas is not the type of person who feels she needs to apologise for who she is.

Described as "unapologetically loud, direct, vivacious and energetic", Claire immediately lived up to her reputation when she first appeared on-screen in the second episode of the show's tenth season.

Claire Nomarhas from MAFS
MAFS bride Claire describes her ideal man as playful and sexy, someone who can match her passion and love for a deep and meaningful chat. Photo: Nine

While her newlywed husband may not appear to be her biggest fan, MAFS viewers can't get enough of her energetic and loveable personality. Here's what we know about Claire so far.

Romantic link to My Kitchen Rules star

While this is Claire's first foray into reality TV, an insider recently dished to the So Dramatic! podcast that Claire does indeed have connections with two Aussie reality TV stars from My Kitchen Rules and The Block; one of them being her former boyfriend.

Claire's ex is none-other than MKR alum Pat Calleja, who starred in the 2019 season of the reality cooking show, and she's reportedly also friendly with Pat's brother Tom, who appeared with wife Sarah Jane Wilson on the 2022 season of The Block. It sure is a small world for these reality TV contestants.


Surprise softer side

Claire was introduced to us on MAFS as a muscle-car-loving tattooed beauty ready to "make it" in love. A tomboy at heart, the self-confessed car fanatic even has a Holden Kingswood inked on her arm.

She loves all things adventurous, including fishing, motorbikes and camping, but don't be fooled by her tough exterior, this kindergarten teacher from Victoria also has a softer side.

"She's full of empathy and sensitivity," expert Mel Schilling told viewers. "So if anyone's going to come to the party with Jesse's quirkiness, it's Claire."

Claire and Jesse from MAFS
Confident go-getter Claire and her MAFS hubby Jesse have been rocked by a cheating scandal. Photo: Nine

Claire is also a legit believer in the concept of Married At First Sight as her Greek grandparents, with who she's incredibly close with, were brought together in an arranged marriage and are still together to this day. Claire said she signed up for MAFS with the intention of finding a soulmate to start a family with and grow old together.

However, it's been anything but smooth sailing with Jesse. Deep-thinking and spiritual, Claire is reflective, loves crystals and knows her way around an astrology chart; all things Jesse included on his long list of immediate turn-offs in a potential partner, making for a bumpy ride from the outset.

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