Kyle Sandilands slams 'flop' David Campbell over MAFS interview

It comes after David slammed MAFS' Jesse on Today Extra.

Kyle Sandilands has slammed Today Extra host David Campbell over an interview with MAFS groom Jesse Burford where the host confronted the reality star, suggesting he was to blame for his 'wife' Claire Nomarhas' cheating with Adam Seed on the show.

David told Jesse earlier this week he should have treated Claire better earlier in the season so she wouldn't have considered kissing Adam.

Kyle Sandilands and David Campbell
Kyle Sandilands has slammed 'flop' Today show host David Campbell over his MAFS interview with Jesse Burford. Photo: KIIS FM/Nine

Shock jock Kyle, who hasn't liked David for some time, slammed him over the interview and called him a "flop" who "never has anyone's back".

Kyle shared that he was shocked by David's confrontational questioning, saying Jesse is a "nice bloke" with a lot of fan support, saying he thought he was siding with the woman to look "woke".

His co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson agreed that David looked like a "smug d**k" during the chat.

After playing audio of the interview, Kyle couldn't hold back, "That's what David Campbell is like. David Campbell reads a headline somewhere, believes it to be 100 per cent true, does no research and forms a very stupid, immature opinion because that's what that type of person does.


"Then [he] runs around trying to protect everyone with no real details. The guy's a flop. I've never liked him. I like Sylvia [Jeffreys] but I can't watch her because he makes me physically sick to look at.

"This is his way of pumping himself up so he's a woke hero - and no one likes that."

Jackie also wondered if David had even watched more than the first few episodes, as Jesse's portrayal has changed dramatically.

"Why are you attacking this guy?" she asked. "I feel like he has seen the first episodes but has not watched the recent ones. He thought he was doing what the public wanted by attacking Jesse, and not realising, 'Dude, this isn't the way to go.'"

"He's out of date," Kyle added. "This is what David Campbell does. This guy doesn't actually have his own opinion; he always does what he thinks people would like, but he really has zero personality."

MAFS' Jesse slams David

MAFS' Jesse
MAFS' Jesse was clearly annoyed by David's line of questioning. Photo: Nine

During the interview, David asked Jesse what his responsibility in the drama was, with the reality TV star seemingly confused by the line of questioning.

"My responsibility lies ... sorry, what was that question? Where's my responsibility lie ... when Claire kisses another dude?" he said.

David then referred to a list of Jesse's 'icks', including "star sign chicks" and "drama queens", as well as telling Claire to "shush" at the airport on the way to their honeymoon.

"Come on, you give your list of icks, shush her, kind of ignore her, and then when she goes and cheats ... kisses somebody else, you get all manned up and red-flagged and go, 'Hey, hey, hey' – and you were proved right by that – but where was the initial responsibility for the relationship?" he asked.

Jesse smiled as he looked agitated by the question and said, "David, David, David".

"You make me laugh mate," the MAFS star said.

"I've seen the interviews that you've done with Claire and Janelle [Han] calling me a walking red flag and scoffing," he continued as David nodded saying, "Yeah".

"Rolling your eyes when my name gets brought up," Jesse added while David continued to nod.

David then said he had welcomed Jesse onto the show and it was his time to comment on how he has been portrayed on MAFS.

"Yeah, let me tell you more about the ick I'm glad you're giving me the opportunity. That was something that the show really exaggerated," Jesse said.

"I don't care if Claire is into star signs and crystals, good for her. I'm not going to completely write her off as a person or a partner because she's into something that I'm not."

Speaking of the infamous 'shushing' moment, Jesse added, "I wasn't rude, I was actually pretty kind about it ... and all of a sudden I'm a misogynist who shushes all women, it's ridiculous mate."


Fans slammed the interview, with one user writing on social media, "I usually love the Today show but that was so uncalled for and rude of David."

"Good on you Jesse ... This show is an absolute joke."

"Pretty disappointing the way this interview was handled by the Today show. Gaslighting people in these circumstances is not OK. Jesse had his preferences, yes, but doesn't everyone? And yes, he was portrayed as being selfish for it but he grew when he was pulled up for it and that certainly doesn't mean he deserved to be cheated on," a third added.

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