Love Island: Shock moment star finds out suitor slept with her MAFS star sister

"Do you know each other?"

Love Island Australia kicked off on Monday night, but it's already one of the most dramatic seasons, with a teaser for an upcoming episode revealing a connection to MAFS.

In the clip, Kirra Schofield finds out that one of her suitors has already slept with her sister, MAFS star Bronte Schofield.

Love Island Australia's Kirra Schofield, Bronte Schofield and Reid Polak
Love Island Australia's Kirra Schofield got quite the shock this week when she realised one of her suitors slept with her MAFS star sister Bronte. Photo: Nine

Reid Polak enters the villa, with Kirra left gasping in shock. Host Sophie Monk questions the response after realising some tension.

"Do you know each other?" she asks Kirra.

"I think I matched with Kirra on Tinder," Reid says, adding, "And I also, I did see her sister."


Kirra, in shock, asks, "You f**ked my sister?"

"Uhh... yes, once," Reid responds with a grin.

"You could make it a family thing!" Lucinda Strafford added.

Bronte was famously 'married' to Harrison Boon on MAFS, with the pair not ending up together. The former reality star now creates OnlyFans content.

Bronte joked about the situation on her Instagram Stories. Photo: Instagram/_bronteschofield
Bronte joked about the situation on her Instagram Stories. Photo: Instagram/_bronteschofield

Fans shared their thoughts after the video was shared to Instagram, with one user writing, "YOU CAN MAKE IT A FAMILY THING HAHAHAHAHA."

"A family thing???" another added, while a third wrote, "Awkward, not cool."

"Poor Kirra having a rough go," someone else said, adding, "She [is] too good for this island."

Bronte took to her Instagram Stories to share a post by Love Island contestant Savanah, who posted a snap of herself between Kirra and Reid with the caption, "Hide your sisters because Reid's just entered the Villa."


"HAHAHA SHUT UP. Caption. IYKYK. In Sav we trust," the MAFS star wrote.

In another post to her stories, Bronte is seen laughing awkwardly, with the caption reading, "Me just knowing what's coming for me tonight and I wasn't even in the damn villa *insert nervous laff*."

Kirra famously made her reality TV debut on MAFS, where she quickly became a fan favourite after putting Harrison in his place and not holding back on her opinions of him.

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