Lisa Wilkinson and Waleed Aly 'devastated' by scammers

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The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson and Waleed Aly have urged the public to be mindful of online scams, after their faces were used for fake ads.

Lisa Wilkinson said she’s been involved in a decade-long legal battle as she tries to take the online scammers down who use her to endorse fake products such as moisturiser.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project
Lisa Wilkinson has urged people to be aware of online scams. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking on the Channel 10 Show, Waleed said he gets emails every month or two from people who’ve fallen for a bitcoin scam with his face attached to it.

“It’s so devastating,” Waleed told fellow host Steve Price.

“Because I’m now connected to this awful situation for these people irrevocably. It’s got nothing to do with me but it feels like it’s got everything to do with me.”

Lisa Wilkinson called out social media giants Facebook and Instagram and said she’s been embroiled in a legal battle for ten years to try to get the ads removed.


Waleed Aly on The Project
Waleed Aly said it's 'devastating' for his face to be attached to a scam. Photo: Channel 10

“Instagram and Facebook are the worst offenders,” she said. “I’ve had lawyers on this for more than a decade, begging them to take it down, knowing the effect it was having on people.

“If you ever see an ad that’s got my face attached to it and usually it’s some sort of moisturiser and they ask for your credit card, all they’re doing is they just want that number and [they] take a small amount and then they’ll be regularly taking amounts.

“Please don’t do it. If you know anybody who thinks they’re getting a moisturiser that’s got my name attached to it, you don’t. It’s awful.”

The Project also posted a warning to people on their Twitter page, writing: “Please be mindful of scams circulating online claiming to be endorsed by them, among other celebrities - Bitcoin ads, moisturising ads - all of them are scams and it's heartbreaking to see the people being affected by these awful set ups.”

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Former Studio 10 star Jessica Rowe warned people back in 2018 of a scam circulating online for an anti-ageing product with her face attached to it.

“Someone is using my name and image to sell this product. Please be careful about online scams like this,” she wrote at the time.

“This is a scam. I have no association with Lutragen. Do not buy this product.”

Carrie Bickmore also became a victim of online scammers when a fake ad circulated online claiming she was leaving The Project to set up her own beauty business.

“Please ignore and DO NOT click on the link to purchase the product. It's a scam and they will take your money,” she wrote on Instagram.

“SCAM WARNING. If you see articles or fake ads popping up on your social media feeds saying I am leaving The Project to focus on my FACE CREAM/BEAUTY BUSINESS please ignore.”

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