The Project's Lisa Wilkinson forced to apologise for air hostie joke

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Lisa Wilkinson was forced to almost immediately backtrack during The Sunday Project last night, after making a cheeky joke about flight attendants, which she quickly regretted.

Lisa and the panel were interviewing infectious diseases expert, Robert Booy, about the most recent coronavirus case in NSW, when Lisa described cabin crew workers as a “high risk group”.

the sunday project lisa wilkinson
Lisa Wilkinson joked about flight attendants on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

However, Robert didn’t agree, arguing: “I know flight crew and I know what they do – they sleep. They usually spend a day or two and they’re off again. They don’t mix and dance and go out to parties. They’re not actually a high risk.”

To which Lisa however responded: “You obviously know different flight crews to me.”

The quip got a laugh from the panel with co-host Joel Creasy saying, “yeah same”.

But almost as quick as the joke flew, Lisa changed her tone and issued an apology to “all the flight crews out there”.

“I feel like I should follow up there,” she said, as the segment was ending.


“I know so many great flight crews, none of them are Qantas that would do the wrong thing. It’s just some of those other overseas flight carriers that might not be doing the right thing,” she added.

lisa wilkinson the project
But she quickly backtracked. Photo: Channel 10

NSW’s streak without a case local case of coronavirus came to an end after 25 days last Thursday.

The state’s health minister Brad Hazzard confirmed on Thursday morning a female worker at the Novotel and Ibis hotels in Darling Harbour had tested positive.

“We have more work to do to work out where it has come from, but highly likely it came from the hotel or possibly aircrew that of course can stay overnight, stay for a few days, before they turn around and go back overseas,” he said.

Last month, The Project's Lisa Wilkinson slammed Buckingham Palace's statement on Meghan Markle's tragic miscarriage, arguing it's proof of why she and Prince Harry left the family.

The Duchess of Sussex revealed the heartbreaking news in an article for The New York Times, but the palace’s response was simply, "It's a deeply personal matter which we would not comment on."

Lisa shared on Thursday night that she thought Meghan's article was "incredibly moving", but thought the royal family's statement lacked empathy.

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