The Project's Lisa Wilkinson slams rule-breakers: 'Put your mask on’

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The Project hosts have blasted Sydney residents for breaching lockdown regulations and refusing to wear masks.

Thursday night’s segment came after NSW recorded its biggest spike of locally acquired COVID-19 cases in four days, with an additional 24 infections announced.

Lisa Wilkinson and Steve Price on The Project.
Co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Steve Price argued that people shouldn’t be able to use ‘exercise’ as an excuse to breach rules. Photo: Channel 10

Presenters Lisa Wilkinson, Peter Helliar, Steve Price and Peter van Onselen were discussing the resistance to Sydney’s recent lockdown, which began on Saturday and will remain until at least July 9.

When asked her opinion on whether people have been visiting supermarkets in a COVID-safe manner, Lisa revealed that only “50% are wearing masks” at her local grocery store.

“The shops themselves last time were really monitoring masks,” she continued. “I don’t get the sense that they’re doing that if I’m seeing that many people without a mask going shopping.”

Healthcare worker at Covid clinic
'We still feel like this is the lockdown you have when you’re not really having a lockdown' Lisa said. Photo: Getty Images

The 61-year-old went on to share a similar experience when she recently visited her local café.

“I reckon only about a third of people who were dropping in to get coffees had a mask on,” she explained.

“They almost all had activewear on, so they could probably argue ‘I’m out exercising’, but it didn’t look very strenuous.”


Co-host Steve Price then interrupted to express his annoyance: “Please Lisa, come on, I mean that’s ridiculous.”

Lisa agreed with Steve, saying that it’s not right for people to be using ‘exercise’ as an excuse to breach the rules.

“I’m not about to point at people and say ‘put your mask on’, but nobody else is,” she said.

“Certainly the Premier doesn’t seem to be getting that message across, mostly because we still feel like this is the lockdown you have when you’re not really having a lockdown.”

Lisa swears on-air

The incident comes after Lisa surprised viewers on Tuesday night when she swore a number of times on live TV.

The veteran journalist was discussing a recent study about the intelligence levels of people who bullsh*t.

“I’m not making this up,” Lisa began. “But new research shows people who can bullsh*t well are more intelligent than their peers.

“Dubbed ‘bullsh*tters’ by Canadian psychologists, this clever cohort were also found to be less likely to do so. The people most willing to lie were also the worst at it and the most gullible.”

The 61-year-old then explained why she was allowed to repeatedly use the ‘rude’ term in her news story.

“I know I’m using these words in the 6:30 time slot, but I’ve been told it’s OK because it’s attached to research, which means they are actually technical terms,” she clarified.

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