Lisa Wilkinson signs ‘lucrative’ multi-year deal with The Project

Lisa Wilkinson has reportedly signed a ‘lucrative’ new deal with Network Ten and The Project, four years after leaving Channel Nine over pay disputes.

The TV host left the Today show after being refused equal pay with her co-star Karl Stefanovic, and then signed a four-year contract with their rival network.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.
Lisa’s new deal has cemented her future with Network Ten. Photo: Instagram/lisa_wilkinson

Lisa has now made it clear that she’s not leaving Ten anytime soon with her new multi-year deal, which will focus on hard news issues.

According to The Australian, the 61-year-old will turn her attention towards reporting on ‘the treatment of women both in the workplace and in broader society’.

The journalist initially joined The Project in 2018 with the main goal of securing sit-down interviews with A-listers, which she accomplished with stars like Lady Gaga, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.


The Australian claims that she has now chosen to focus on issues closer to home because of COVID and the international travel restrictions.

The reports also ensure that Lisa will stay on The Project on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, while Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly front the Monday-to-Wednesday version of the show.

Lisa Wilkinson smiling.
Lisa will cover ‘pro-women content’ with Ten. Photo: Instagram/lisa_wilkinson

Last year it was revealed that Lisa is writing a tell-all autobiography, which will include working with her former co-host Karl Stefanovic and about her decision to leave Nine.

The memoir will also cover her career as editor of Dolly magazine at 21 years old, and her relationship with her husband Peter FitzSimons.

Publisher Catherine Milne said in a statement to NCA NewsWire that the book, which is set to be released later this year, will be a “standout success”.

“Lisa has been one of Australia’s leading journalists for many years – sharing and shaping important national conversations,” she said.

“Australians of all ages love and respect her warmth, empathy, humour, intelligence, integrity – and fighting spirit.”

Lisa getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Lisa uploaded this image showing her receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine last week. Photo: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa says: ‘MY choice’

Lisa’s new media deal comes after she hit back at an anti-vaxxer troll online following her vaccination post on Instagram.

The Project host took to social media to reveal that she had received the AstraZeneca vaccine and “literally didn’t feel a thing”.

While many people commended Lisa for her post, one woman commented saying: “I thought you were a smart woman,” alongside a series of laughing faces.

Lisa chose to clap back at the user, thanking her for her concerns but assuring her that she is a smart woman.

“Trolling another woman for making well-researched, informed choices about the health of her own body, and doing my bit to help reduce the risk of this pandemic spreading any more easily or lethally than it already is in the community is MY choice,” Lisa continued.

“Whatever choice you want to make is your business.”

Lisa went on to warn the woman that “if you choose to remain unvaccinated and you get the Delta variant, I wish you and all your loved ones, and particularly and of your elderly loved ones - or any poor person you happen to pass in the street - good luck.”

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