Why Lisa Wilkinson swore on The Project: ‘I’ve been told it’s OK’

Lisa Wilkinson surprised The Project viewers on Tuesday night when she swore a number of times on live TV.

The veteran journalist was discussing a recent study about the intelligence levels of people who bullsh*t.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.
Lisa explained why she was allowed to say ‘bullsh*t’ on TV. Photo: Channel 10

“I’m not making this up,” Lisa began. “But new research shows people who can bullsh*t well are more intelligent than their peers.

“Dubbed ‘bullsh*tters’ by Canadian psychologists, this clever cohort were also found to be less likely to do so. The people most willing to lie were also the worst at it and the most gullible.”

The 61-year-old then explained why she was allowed to repeatedly use the ‘rude’ term in her news story.

“I know I’m using these words in the 6:30 time slot, but I’ve been told it’s OK because it’s attached to research, which means they are actually technical terms,” she clarified.


Co-host Waleed Aly chimed in saying it was ‘great’ that they could use those terms on-air.

“Who says research isn’t cool?” he remarked.

Peter Helliar jokingly added: “Unless there was no study, and the researchers are actually the master bullsh*tters. I think we’re being played.”

“With great power comes great responsibility,” guest panellist Georgie Tunny responded.

Lisa’s appearance on The Project comes not long after she signed a ‘lucrative’ multi-year deal with Network Ten, cementing her future on the show.

According to The Australian, the TV host will begin to focus on hard news issues for the network, reporting on ‘the treatment of women both in the workplace and in broader society’.

Lisa initially joined The Project in 2018 with the main goal of securing sit-down interviews with A-listers, which she accomplished with stars like Lady Gaga, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

The Australian claims that she has now chosen to focus on issues closer to home because of COVID and the international travel restrictions.

The reports also ensure that Lisa will stay on The Project on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, while Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly front the Monday-to-Wednesday version of the show.

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