'Who the f*** is that?': Lindsay Lohan's awkward reaction to Masked Singer reveal

Channel 10’s new reality TV show, The Masked Singer Australia, appears to have gotten off to a rocky start if the first episode is anything to go by.

On Monday night, the 1.1million viewers who tuned into the singing competition’s premiere watched on in horror as American actor and judge Lindsay Lohan failed to recognise who the very first celebrity contestant was after their dramatic reveal.

Warning: episode one spoilers below!

Lindsay left puzzled

The Parent Trap star and her fellow Aussie judges Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes and Jackie O couldn’t pick who was underneath the vibrant octopus costume while they sang up a storm on stage.

But when the unidentified creature removed their mask, it was only Lindsay who was still perplexed as to who they were.

“Oh my God, I don’t believe it, it’s Gretel Killeen!” bellowed host Osher Gunsberg as the homegrown members of the panel cheered.

Lindsay Lohan's awkward reaction to The Masked Singer Australia reveal. Photo: Channel 10.
Lindsay Lohan's awkward reaction to The Masked Singer Australia reveal. Photo: Channel 10.

Lindsay, however, couldn’t hide the fact that she clearly had never heard of the ‘TV host, author, comedian, host of Big Brother, star of the Rocky Horror Show’ before in her life.

And who can blame her, it’s not like Gretel has spent the 12 years since she finished up on Big Brother rubbing shoulders with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in Tinsletown.

Hilarious reactions

The 33-year-old New York City native’s blank expression wasn’t lost on fans at home either, and many took to social media to roast her reaction.

“Lol, Lindsay is like ‘huh who the f is that?!’ HAHA” wrote one on Instagram.

“*Mask is on* LiLo: ‘I have no idea! Who is it?’ *Mask comes off* LiLo: ‘I have no idea! Who is it?’” joked another.

“There's a fraction of a second where Lohan has NOOOO idea who she is,” said one.

“Lindsay Lohan's face when Gretel is revealed is my expression when the boss asks if I read his email or if I can recite the Bible,” said another.

Masked Singer divides opinions

Others shared their scathing opinions of the reality show in general, which was first developed in South Korea.

“Someone else here said it best - what an anti-climax,” commented one viewer on Instagram.

“Please finish on time so if we switch over to watch HYBPA we don't have to see 10 minutes of this crap,” demanded another.

“Wow awful show,” said one.

“Hahahahah wtf is this sh*t” asked another.

Some were a little less harsh.

“I love the concept of the show but was expecting the singing to be heaps better...” said one.

The show did get a big tick of approval from ex-Goggleboxers Wayne and Tom.

“We loved it 💖 was so much fun,” they wrote on Instagram.

One viewer, however, was hoping for a movie-worthy twist.

Despite the mixed feedback, the premiere episode was undoubtedly a ratings success, drawing in a massive 1.16million viewers.

To put that in perspective, last week’s The Bachelor finale saw 1.17million people tune in, and only 750,000 watched the finale of Australia’s Got Talent on Sunday night.

What is The Masked Singer Australia about?

The Masked Singer Australia is based on a reality TV show that originated in South Korea.

It’s marketed as ‘a singing competition with a difference’ and features 12 unidentified celebrities who perform in full costume then ‘unmask’ themselves to the judges, live studio audience and viewers at home afterwards.

Each episode, six contestants pair up to compete against one another in a ‘face-off’ where they perform a song of their choice in their real voice.

After each ‘face-off’ the studio audience and judges vote for their favourite celeb the keep ‘safe’ for the week - the ‘loser’ is at risk of being unmasked and sent home unless the judges chose to ‘save’ them.

Gretel Killeen, aka the Octopus, was the first celeb to be unmasked in the premiere on Monday night.

Cricketing great Brett Lee was unmasked in episode two, after performing as the Parrot.

There are still have 10 unknown singers to go, including a unicorn, lion, monster, spider and a wolf.

Just one day after the show premiered, social media was whipped into a frenzy when the identity of the Wolf was supposedly revealed on Twitter.

Channel 10 has released several clues - one singer is an ARIA Award winner, while another is a World Cup winner, and yet another a Hall of Famer - with more hints to roll out throughout the season.

The Masked Singer airs 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10.

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