Fans shocked at second Masked Singer reveal

The Masked Singer AU The Parrot removes his headdress, host Osher Gunsberg watches on
Last night the Parrot showed his true colours, and no one could have foreseen the reveal. Photo: Ten

It’s the kooky show that seems to have stopped the nation and around every bend, there’s a surprise more random than the last.

The Masked Singer hit screens with its second episode yesterday and did not disappoint, with Lindsay Lohan’s hilarious, baffled facial expression being the main talking point with fans on Twitter.

Warning: Spoiler for The Masked Singer episode two ahead.

Following Monday night’s reveal of the Octopus, AKA former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen, we were more than prepared for the sharp left turns the show takes, but not even we could have guessed that it would be Brett Lee pulling off the Parrot head to reveal his identity.

Yep, Aussie sporting legend Brett Lee ditched the cricket whites for the mic and a feathery costume, and didn’t do a terrible job either.

Not even the celebrity judges guessed that the bowler was the man behind the Parrot, although two of them came very close.

Brett Lee reveals himself as the Parrot on the Masked Singer Australia
Brett Lee's reveal ruffled a few feathers. Photo: Ten

“Kelly Slater,” was Lindsay Lohan’s guess, probably the closest so far after she mistook Gretel Killeen for Chris Lilley on Monday night, and boldly suggested La Toya Jackson may be the Spider on Tuesday evening.

Jackie O’s guess was the Nick Cummins, the Honey Badger, while Hughsie and Danni Minogue came closest, guessing Shane Warne was trying his hand at a new hobby.

They weren’t far off, Brett was a teammate of Shane Warne and famously broke the spin bowler’s hand in 2014 with a zippy bowl, putting him out of action for six weeks.

A Bollywood backstory

Brett Lee starred in Bollywood romantic Comedy UnIndian in 2015. Photo: IMBD
Brett Lee starred in Bollywood romantic Comedy UnIndian in 2015. Photo: IMBD

As one fan pointed out, this is not Brett’s first shimmy into showbusiness, as the cricketer tried his hand at the bright lights of Bollywood in the distant past.

“Remember when Bollywood was the strangest thing Brett Lee could do?” a sharp viewer pointed out.

For those who may have forgotten, Brett had a brief stint in Bollywood in 2015, with romantic comedy UNIndian.

The internet loses its mind

Lindsay Lohan confused on The Masked Singer Australia
Lindsay Lohan's expression mirrored that of viewers at home. Photo: Ten

Given most people had no idea, or temporarily forgot, the sportsman’s acting past, Twitter lit up with hilarious responses to the reveal, all of which mirror Lindsay Lohan’s default confused expression on the show.

“Brett Lee really out here singing on TV?” one fan wrote.

Others less well-versed in Brett’s resume couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Brett Lee just dressed up as a parrot and sang on national television, so I need absolutely everybody to be talking about this for at least a week,” another joked.

“Just got home to discover the family watching a singing Brett Lee, dressed as a parrot,” one confused gentleman shared.

Perhaps best of all was the reaction of celebrity judge Lindsay Lohan, which as one viewer pointed out is becoming a bit of a theme.

The Masked Singer airs 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10.

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