The Wiggles' John Pearce reveals 'difficult' part of being in the group

EXCLUSIVE: John Pearce opens up about life as the Purple Wiggle.

In the two and a half years since he joined The Wiggles, John Pearce has toured the world, filmed TV shows and released a handful of albums with the iconic children’s band.

The 33-year-old, who launched to fame as a member of Justice Crew before donning the purple skivvy, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while his schedule is “always hectic”, there isn’t a day that goes by that isn’t fun.

The Wiggles’ John Pearce / Tsehay Hawkins, Simon Pryce, Lucia Field and John Pearce.
The Wiggles’ John Pearce says his schedule is ‘always hectic’ but never dull. Photos: Instagram/john_wiggle

“If I did a ‘day in the life’ video of myself it would change the next day,” he laughs.

“When I'm on the road it could be three to four Wiggle shows a day, plus a drive to the next venue. When I'm not on the road it's usually filming or writing music or recording content for Wiggles TV at Wiggles HQ in Western Sydney. There’s something different every single day.”


As his career requires him to essentially be himself on stage, John admits it’s sometimes hard to separate his work persona from his true identity.

“Being a Wiggle, you are a Wiggle whether you have the skivvy on or not. It's always remembering that people know you as a person,” he shares.

“On social media you've got to have that fine line between personal and being a Wiggle, but I personally think that I’m a Wiggle through and through now. That’s who I am in my identity and my personal life is still gonna carry through to my Wiggle life.”

He adds that it can be a struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance being away from home so often, but he’s found ways to navigate this.

“It is difficult, especially being married and I usually enjoy my family time and my home time,” he says. “I just work each day as it comes and plan ahead. Every day’s different and it's very difficult, but at the moment I'm making it work because we're not travelling as much. It's just maintaining communication, especially with my wife and my family, and just working together.”

The Wiggles’ John Pearce / John and his wife Jess.
‘On social media you've got to have that fine line between personal and being a Wiggle.’ Photo: Instagram/johnpearce

Creating calm in the home

Another way John manages his busy lifestyle is through a new practice called ‘Fridge Feng Shui’, where you can reduce stress, save time and minimise food waste by re-organising your fridge.

“I found out that Feng Shui can be applied to the fridge after teaming up with HelloFresh and Jane Langof, the Feng Shui master, was introduced to my house,” he details.

“You can apply the principles that normally apply in your home, using Feng Shui techniques in your fridge and decluttering to relieve stress when you're looking at it. It's a new thing and we love it here. My wife Jess is all for it and it's made our lives a lot easier in the kitchen.”

Jane Langof has five tips to Feng Shui your fridge, starting with the Goldilocks principle to strike the perfect balance between too much and too little.

Another tip is to optimise the arrangement of food in your fridge, which can be done through HelloFresh with their pre-portioned ingredients in a meal kit bag.

For more tips and advice on how you can Feng Shui your fridge, visit here.

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