The Wiggles' Sam Moran returns to the spotlight with brand new project

EXCLUSIVE: The children's entertainer opens up about his 'evolution'.

It’s been over a decade since Sam Moran hung up his bright yellow skivvy and pursued a solo career after leaving The Wiggles.

The children’s performer quickly established himself as a successful performer in his own right, presenting a popular preschool series on Nick Jr., touring the world, and even beating his former group at the 2015 ARIA Awards.

Sam Moran in The Wiggles / Sam Moran in 2023.
Former Wiggles star Sam Moran has returned to the spotlight with a brand new album. Photos: Getty / Supplied

After a brief career hiatus, Sam has now returned to the spotlight with his brand new album, All The Feels, released through one of the biggest music labels in the world, Republic Records.

“During Covid, I think all of us during that time had a period to reflect and treat it as a bit of an intermission in our careers and reassess what we want to be doing,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle about his break from music.

“And at that time, I kind of was ready to step away from the industry for a while rather than trying to start back up again. And it was then that Republic reached out to me.”

While Sam’s previous releases through The Wiggles and Play Along with Sam catered to a preschool audience, his latest album is intended for older children as they begin to understand their emotions.

“This is certainly an evolution for me,” he remarks. “Coming out of Covid, I was reading these reports of children struggling to identify how they were feeling and their emotions, and that’s something I could resonate with.

“I got diagnosed with depression myself in 2015, and so that was something I had to re-educate myself on what am I feeling at any given moment.


“And so to read those reports and hear that diagnoses of anxiety and anxiety medication for young children had gone up significantly with children not being able to identify what they're feeling, I was able to combine what I knew from children's music with this mental health aspect as well and really tackle that social emotional development that slightly older children are dealing with.”

 Sam Moran.
Sam says he was ready to step away from the music industry when Republic Records approached him. Photo: Supplied

'Big surprise'

Sam, who is the first artist signed to Republic Records’ Kids & Family division, shares that his new music aims “to create a bridge” between Cocomelon and Taylor Swift for children.

“It is kids music, but we found when we were looking at the age group we were trying to tackle with this emotional development that when children start going to school, they start experiencing these more complex emotions for the first time,” he says.

“So we really musically tried to be a space that was safe for children to enjoy, but it was something they wanted to listen to that the whole family could listen to together as well.”


He adds that All The Feels has already received an overwhelmingly positive response from parents and teachers, as well as a surprising third demographic.

“I've received emails and messages on socials from parents saying their children are really responding and it's opened up dialogues within the home and talking about how their children are feeling,” he details.

“What's been a big surprise is even 18, 19-year-olds, who were my fans when I was in The Wiggles, they've now grown up and they're saying the songs about anxiety have actually helped them as well. So that's been an added surprise.”

Sam Moran’s new album All The Feels is available to stream now on all music platforms.

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